Never Forget: Armed Forces Day

Alicia Tam, Staff Writer

Even though it may not be Remembrance Day, it’s still important to remember those who have fought or are currently fighting.

Today is June 7, or Armed Forces Day, as it is formally recognized. It seems fitting, since yesterday was the Anniversary of D-Day; that was the day that 150,000 men fought to keep the freedom that we mostly take for granted. Out of those 150,000 about 14,000 were Canadian, stationed on the beaches, with 450 others to land by parachute or glider. Let’s not forget the Canadian Navy, too, with another additional 10,000 sailors ready to fight for freedom. 

And let’s not forget the ones who still fight for freedom today, and continue to stand bravely in front of the enemies’ eyes, unwilling to back down. Let us not forget the ones who fight with resilience. Let us not forget the ones who have come back from the war, who have all sacrificed something to keep this nation great. Let us not forget those who have lost their lives, either in the past or present. Let us not forget that Canada might have not been what it is today without the help of our uniformed citizens. Let us not forget the extreme bravery that these people possess that encourages them and gives them the will to fight. And lastly, let us never forget the respect that each and every soldier, sailor, and pilot deserves in recognition of their duty of making sure that Canada remains strong and free. 

Let us never forget.


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