TEDxYouth@Edmonton 2015 Footage

Victoria Chiu, Editor

Back in February, a couple of the Macsource staff members did TED talks for TEDxYouth@Edmonton 2015. The official footage has just been released, and we’ve embedded the videos below for you to see. Megan’s talk concerns the impermanence of personal histories and the importance of the retention of these stories; mine is about the significance of innovation and how it relates to Macsource.

If you’ve never heard of TED or TED talks, the basic concept is that it’s idea-sharing platform for people to share their experiences, opinions, and innovative new thoughts on different topics (with the central ones being technology, entertainment, and design  hence the name TED). We did ours locally, but on the worldwide TED stage tons of amazing people  like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, and over 1900 more  have given 18-minute-or-less talks that have helped introduce new ideas to a wider audience than ever before. You can check out all of these epic talks here.

If you would like to give your own TEDxYouth@Edmonton talk, more information can be found here; the current application you need to pitch your talk idea to the assessment panel can be found here (note that this is subject to change, but is current at the time of this post being published).

Editor’s note: Ignore my semi-awkward pause. Nerves are real, people. Nerves are real. 


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