The 2015 Cappies Gala

Julia Stanski, Staff Writer 
Edited by Victoria Chiu

This week you can be very proud of your school. In addition to the incredible sports teams winning soccer and rowing accolades, MAC’s Cappies team also swept the writing awards at the Citadel’s eighth annual Cappies Gala, winning three of the four writing trophies for the region! At this awesome event on June 7, MAC took home the Cappie awards for Best Critic Team (led by Brynn Lewis), Best Grade Twelve Critic (Morgan Sosniuk) and Best Grade Eleven Critic [Julia Stanski (Editor’s Note: Yes, the writer of this article. Congratulations! ☻)] . Almost all of our nominees attended the event and everyone looked absolutely fabulous; click here and here for Edmonton Journal coverage and photos of the gala! Congratulations to all our nominees and winners, and thank you to everyone who came for an amazing night. To quote the host, Matt Alden, “We are the next generation of theatre artists.” This epic celebration of student achievements in the arts restores hope for the future.


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