The 10 Best Things To Do This Summer

Brynn Lewis, Staff Writer

The school year is almost over and an entire summer awaits us. So what are you going to do with two months of freedom? If you’re not traveling to places near and far, you might feel at a loss for what to occupy your time with. On one hand, you could hole up in your room with candy and marathon television shows on Netflix (to be honest, it’s not an entirely bad plan). On the other hand, you could get outside and explore what our city has to offer! Here are ten of the best things to do this summer in Edmonton:

  1. Go Geocaching. There are Geocaches all around the world, and that includes our fair city. Grab some friends, some food, the official Geocaching app, and enjoy a day of treasure hunting in Edmonton. Bring a small token to trade.
  2. Run Colour Me Rad. Enjoy racing and throwing coloured powder at random people? Well, you’re not alone. Colour Me Rad is a popular 5K race that allows you to hurl colour at other contestants. Prepare to turn into a rainbow—it’s taking place in Edmonton this July, so sign up online ASAP.
  3. Go out to dinner theatre. It’s live theatre + food. Nothing in life is better. There are two dinner theatres in Edmonton, Mayfield and Jubilations, so pick out an interesting show and have a fun night out.
  4. Go thrift shopping or antiquing (potential highlight: Old Strathcona Antique’s Mall). Summer is the perfect time to pull a Macklemore and check out your local thrift shop. Have fun finding unconventional places to shop and unusual accessories that you’d never be able to buy at your local mall. If you’re interested in “vintage” more than “cheap”, Edmonton also has a lot of great local antiquing venues.
  5. Music festivals and concerts. Not only is the summer filled with exciting concerts (everything from Taylor Swift to 5 Seconds of Summer to Journey), but there are also many exciting music festivals to check out. “But all the good festivals are outside Edmonton, like Coachella and Osheaga!” you cry in despair. Not so, mes amis. There are a whole bunch of events in-city for all music tastes, like Folk Fest, Sonic Boom, and even the International Jazz Festival. There are few things in life as exhilarating as being part of an enthusiastic audience while listening to a performer you love…
  6. …and this brings us to festivals in general! Edmonton is sometimes known as the Festival City—and for good reason. Heritage Days, Fringe, Street Performers, Taste of Edmonton…these are all fun events, and great ways to make unforgettable summer memories. Don’t forget to check out less well-known festivals like the Dragon Boat Festival or Sand on Whyte.
  7. Visit a farmers’ market. Shop local. There is the well-known Strathcona Farmers’ Market, but Edmonton also has several other local farmers’ markets. Going to a farmers’ market is a great to support your community while eating some delicious baked goods and checking out local craftsmen.
  8. K-Days!!! The rollercoasters may never quite feel like they’re bolted down, but we think this adds to the charm. K-Days has deep fried everything (everything), fun rides, fireworks, complimentary sunburns, and your friend wimping out on the spinning teacups. What more do you need?
  9. Shakespeare in the Park. For the classy people living amongst us. You can be the picture of sophistication as you watch Shakespeare outdoors in Hawrelak Park, and students get free admittance on Sundays. The plays this year are As You Like It and Coriolanus, two that you won’t have put through the wringer of English class analysis yet. Check it out!
  10. Take a course. More school, you say? Well, not quite. Summer is the ideal time to brush up on your skills and try new things. Painting, cooking, languages, martial arts, blacksmithing…get a new hobby and impress your friends.

This, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s volunteering, jobs, and internships. You could go on a backpacking trip with friends or watch every single summer blockbuster since the dawn of time. You could take High Tea at Hotel MacDonald or make bannock at Fort Edmonton Park. There’s a summer full of potential ahead of us. And it’s time to step outside.


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