The Senior Volleyball 2015 Season Preview

Ace Sindico, Staff Writer

Edited By Julia Stanski

The senior men’s volleyball team is off to an exciting start to their season as they brought home the gold at the King’s University volleyball tournament on September 11 and 12. While the women’s team is still trying to find their rhythm with a few tough losses under their belt, both teams have plenty of potential to do well in their respective leagues. The men’s team has much of their core squad back from last year’s Division 2 city finalist team. Key players such as Jason Guimaraes, Keenan Dewing, Kyle Nulud, Brandon Reyes, and Ben Huckell are all returning seniors, looking to finish off their respective high school careers on a strong note. There are also newcomers who are making the move from last year’s junior men’s Division 2 city championship team, who will surely be solid additions. I expect them to finish off at the top of the standings. They are polished and experienced, with depth at every position. The 2015 season will surely be one to remember! On the women’s side, it is looking to be a young team with plenty of potential and room for growth. There are only 2 players (Maria Diaz and Lydia Samis) returning from last year. Much of the team will be made up of last year’s junior women’s volleyball players, who were able to make a exciting playoff run and become the eventual Division 2 city champions. Making that jump with the immediate expectations to be contributors are Trixia Maximo, Bryanne Hordal, Madi Britz-Ewaski, Senna Mannarino, Caitlyn Reyes and Serena Wu. There will be a great mix of leadership, talent, and youth within this team, which sure makes for a unpredictable and exciting season. I look forward to seeing how they do, and wish them the best!

The men’s team will be opening their official 2015 season with a regular season away game versus the Bellerose Bulldogs on October 8 at 4:45. And the women’s team will be kicking off their official season with a home game versus the AOB Crusaders on October 13 at 4:45. Come out and support your fellow Marauders!


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