New Column: The Dog of the Month

Amanda Brooks, Staff Writer

Edited by Julia Stanski

The Dog of the Month is a new edition to Macsource that will spotlight several canines, introducing them to the world. By shining light on these beautiful creatures every month, I hope to help others gain awareness and an appreciation for dogs all around the world who need to be rescued, as well as drawing out some ‘aww’s! Dogs are beings full of light and joy; they have amazing abilities, and are extremely loyal. They deserve a sense of belonging and human friends with whom to live out their days. If your family has been looking into rescue dogs, there are many local shelters in Edmonton and its surrounding areas. Most are non-profit organizations that work to rehabilitate dogs, cats, and other animals that have been neglected, abused, or abandoned. Below is a list of some shelters you could search through, just give them a click and it will take you to the site.


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