Spare Me the Time

Jastinne Diaz, Staff Writer

Edited by Julia Stanski

Spares—an essential part of the high school experience! Punctuated by Husky runs and multiple twenty-minute crusades to Second Cup, spares serve as an 84- (or 51, if you have a spare on a Thursday) – minute period of pure bliss. However, if you have a spare and going out isn’t for you, or if you’d like to use your spare to finish schoolwork, fear not! We’ve got you covered.

Without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of the best places at MAC to spend a spare.

The Atrium – Luminous, spacious and delicious (have you tried the cafeteria’s cookies?!), the atrium is the place to be when you want to socialize. It is also a great place for study groups, as you can discuss the specifics of concepts without moderating your volume.

The SRC – If you’re in need of some quiet individual study time, this is the place to go! The SRC is a fertile ground for productivity. Laden with many study nooks and computers, you’re guaranteed to get something done in your time there.

The Portables – Is the SRC too loud for you? Head over to the benches in the portables, which are located in front of P3 (Ms. Mauro’s) and P4 (Mr. Delpercio’s). Since you are surrounded by classrooms, you can expect complete silence—unless there is a rousing debate on nationalism happening at that very moment.

Study Nook – Perhaps the student in the carrel next to you in the SRC had their One Direction album blaring so loudly that you could hear it through their headphones. No matter—in front of Room 205 (Mrs. Sewell’s) on the upper floor, there is an individual study nook for your use. Unlike the study nooks in the SRC, you can actually eat here—just remember to clean up after yourself if you do decide to snack.

Upstairs Benches – As part of Mac’s beautification campaign last year, the administration purchased many benches for our use on both the upper and lower floors. On the upper floor, there are benches located in each of the corners: by the elevator, by the men’s washrooms, in the burrow between Room 212 (Ms. Beaumier’s) and Room 210 (Mr. Zdunich’s), and right next to the study carrel in front of Room 205. There is also a bench tucked into the stairwell right next to Room 212, located on your right prior to your descent of the stairs. These benches have the luminosity of the atrium and the tranquility of the SRC, and are great places to find your inner Zen.

Under the Stairwells – Do you want to channel your inner Harry Potter without the claustrophobia of a cupboard? MAC has four stairwells, three of which offer windows to the outside world. Unlike Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs, MAC’s equivalents are roomy and have an aura of intimacy. If you need a place to de-stress, spend some time with Netflix and/or chill with the school WiFi, the burrows under the stairwells are the places for you! Make sure to bring some paper towels if you decide to make the trek under the stairs during the winter—it can get very muddy under there!

Try out a few of these great places to find the study spot that suits you perfectly. Happy studying, Marauders!

Thanks to Mariejoe Andres, Katherine Archibald, Monica Bui, Maddie Gauthier and Sweet Mae Teotico for their input on this topic.


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