Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Paola, Staff Writer

The long-awaited date of October 31 is approaching fast. However, a new year requires a new costume. And we may not always know what to dress as. Sometimes we have a brilliant concept, but it winds up being more elaborate and complicated than we planned. Are there any original but simple Halloween costumes? Or perhaps you are the type of person who lets the river run its course by not planning anything, and end up leaving everything until the very last minute. So you end up wearing the first outfit you lay eyes on, or no costume at all. Well, worry no more, because here you will find not one—not two—but three very easy unisex Halloween costumes.

To begin with, I have a question to ask: Have you ever seen a short film called “The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon”? If not, no worries; it’s a (self-explanatory) funny short film of a “horribly slow murderer” who tries to murder a man with an “extremely inefficient weapon”. I highly recommend it. Go watch it! If you have seen it, you will know the ginosaji. His outfit is basic, yet terrifying. Dressing up as the ginosaji would be very simple. First of all, get your hands on a spoon. Paint your face all white, and your lips and eye sockets black. Put on black pants and a black hoodie. In addition to that, if you want to get into detail, you should draw the symbol of the ginosaji on your arm with a Sharpie. Click here to see how it looks.  Other than that, focus on the spoons; take as many with you as you can. And that’s it. You have made yourself a bloodcurdling ginosaji costume.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I glimpsed a strange costume on the street on Halloween. I couldn’t believe what I saw, but there it was. Some guy was parading around dressed as an iPhone. I had never seen anything like it. He used a giant box, and cut holes for his arms. For easier mobility, it would be better to just get rid of the lower flaps of the box. A square should be cut from your chest to your eyebrows,  so you can see. You can paint the box black or white and add a few drawings of buttons/apps with a Sharpie, or print them out. Aside from that, just wear a black shirt, pants and shoes. Maybe someone could try to recreate this outfit to demonstrate the undying love that they feel towards their phone.

To finish off, imagine you are running out of time and have no costume. Your friends are ready to go trick-or-treating; you’re not. In this case you have to use the last resource, or as I like to call it, ‘Plan Z’. You will need:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Paper
  3. A friend
  4. A marker/pen
  5. Rope/twine/string
  6. Scissors.

In other words, all the materials required to make a sign.  The first step is to cut the cardboard you acquired to the size of a piece of paper. Then, after applying glue to it, you can stick the piece of paper onto the cardboard. To continue, hole-punch your home-made sign (or cut holes with scissors) so you can slide a rope through the holes. Make a second sign and tie it around your friend’s neck. Finally, write whatever you want on the signs. For example, one could say “I’ve been kidnapped”; while the other one states “It’s a lie”. But…what is really a lie? And what is truly real? For this “costume” you do not need to dress up entirely; just wear your day-to-day clothes.

Indicative costumes are always an option too, if you don’t want to go full-out. You can always wear a black or brown trench coat and a broad-brimmed hat to pose as a private detective. Or to go bigger but less specific, perhaps you could wear a morph suit with a mask, so no one can see your face! Be creative! After all, it’s up to you, and the time you have is limited before the clock strikes 12:59 and Halloween is technically over. Make the most of it!

I hope I’ve given you enough example costumes to inspire you, or at least motivate you to dress up. All of these are made with materials that are easily found in your house. Whether you dress up as a gardener, Edward Scissorhands, a potato or Betty Boop, Halloween is a day to randomly turn into something or someone out of the ordinary and try to stand out. Maybe you will spend the night going from one party to another. Maybe you will go trick-or-treating for the evening. No matter what you do, I hope you do it wearing a Halloween costume. After all, there is only one October 31 per year. Happy Halloween!

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