8 Things To Do Besides Trick-or-Treating This Halloween

Nyssa Dushime, Staff Writer

Edited By Julia Stanski

So Halloween’s coming up and you don’t feel like freezing in the dark negotiating with your neighbor over the Kit Kat in the bowl and the Oh Henry he gave you ? Lucky for you, we have 8 perfect alternatives to trick-or-treating this year!

  1. Netflix & chill out. Invite some friends over for snacks and binge-watch scary movies or your favorite TV series.
  2. Go to Deadmonton Haunted House. What’s the point of celebrating Halloween if you’re not celebrating (or running) in a haunted house? Deadmonton is a haunted house in downtown  Edmonton guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. With tickets ranging from $20-25, how can you miss out on this spook-tacular deal? Click here for info on speed passes, tickets, hours and more.
  3. Recruit a couple friends and play scary games. Is calling the dead out of the spirit world you and your squad’s thing? If so, wait till it’s completely dark outside, grab a Ouija board, set the mood with candles and play. If you’re not a big spirit caller, then try out these spooky games; they’re sure to give you a fright.
  4. Bake Halloween treats. Everyone loves a good Halloween treat and what’s better than Halloween-inspired baked goods? Try out some of these delicious recipes:
  5. Watch a movie at your nearest theater. It doesn’t matter if you have a costume or not, because no one will see you or care in the dark (unless your costume is blocking someone’s view). Laugh Halloween off with Hotel Transylvania or stay awake the whole night after watching a scary flick.
  6. Invade your nearest drug store candy’s aisle. The name kind of explains itself.
  7. Dead Centre of Town. Come to Fort Edmonton to experience the 9th annual Dead Centre of Town. It’s Edmonton’s only travelling haunted house tour and will guarantee spookiness with tales of John Welch, Chief Rowand and more. If you’re interested, check out their website here for more spooky info.
  8. If you want to stay at home and save yourself the hassle of dressing up, opt for giving out candy instead. Prepare a big stash of candy and stay near to the door to keep up with the endless doorbell ringing. To add extra spice to the night, prepare crowd-pleasing dad jokes and give the trick-or-treaters candy if they laugh (and even if they don’t). Here’s a link to some of the coolest dad jokes.

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