The Benefits of the Arts

Bryan Findlay, Staff Writer

Have you ever talked to someone who understands you so well you never want to stop? In a way, having the arts in your life is the same; it expresses a part of you that nothing else can.

The arts have always been a great thing for us, whether as an escape into an alternate reality, a creative outlet or a way to admire the simple things in the complexity of life. The benefits are endless, as are the sources. There’s music, theatre, visual art, writing ( my personal escape) and endless subcategories.

Numerous studies have shown that the arts have actual physical and mental benefits for us, like stimulating the right side of the brain, improving creative problem-solving skills and reducing anxiety. For example, a recent study on the mental benefits of colouring showed that colouring relaxes the amygdala, which lowers emotional stress levels in a way similar to meditating. Read this article here.

Despite being an amateur writer, I have benefitted greatly from having the arts in my life. My phone is always playing music and I write all the time. I find myself a lot less stressed, and I have developed in these areas and gained certain skills that I only dreamed of having when my interest first emerged.

It isn’t just me and it isn’t just writing. The arts have a different effects on everyone; the exploration and experimentation they lead to is unique for each person. You may not see or feel the benefits at first, but they are there, and they help grow you into the person you are destined to be. Remember that your future self is not set in stone; trying the littlest things can make the most amazing things happen for you.  You just need to find those little things. And the arts are a good place to start looking.

Try acting, dancing, painting, music or any other creative activity.  These pursuits can enrich your life, calm your soul, help you focus, develop your abilities; the benefits are both countless and priceless.


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