TMM Interview #2

Rajah Maggay, Staff Writer

Rajah Maggay: What is your name, age and grade?

Navneet Chand: So my name is Navneet Chand, I am in grade eleven and I’m fifteen years old. 

RM: Why did you want to be involved with the school musical?

NC: I think that this all started in junior high.  I did do some stuff in elementary and I was in a few school productions, but in junior high my school didn’t have a very strong drama program. I was involved in the musical one year, but I was in the band. As soon as I got to high school last year, I heard about The Pajama Game. I was interested, but I didn’t know if I really wanted to do it. But I did and it’s worked out great; I really liked it.

RM: Yeah it really was great; you got nominated last year!

NC: I was also enrolled in three-credit drama last year, and that really helped me want to do the musical again this year.

RM: Awesome! Now, what’s your role in the musical this year? 

NC: My character is Trevor Graydon.  He is Millie’s boss who she plans to marry, and Graydon lives this high life since he owns this big company.

RM: How did you react when you got your role?

NC: I was very excited. Compared to last year, when I had three different roles, having one big role this year is different. But I think I have a lot to gain from this experience, and a lot to give. 

RM: What’s your favourite scene or musical number to rehearse?

NC: I think for my role it would be the number ‘Speed Test’. There’s a bunch of antics going on, and vocally it’s very precise. 

RM: What’s your favourite line in the whole show? Without giving anything away, of course.

NC: I have two favourites. First, Mrs. Meers’ signature line: “Sad to be all alone in the world.” And also Miss Flannery’s line: “Is that rouge?”

RM: Who in the show is the most like their character and who is the least like their character?

NC: I think Eunice is a lot like her character, Miss Flannery. She has a lot of attitude and sass, and her character definitely brings out that side of her. The person least like their character is probably Glynnis. 

RM: What’s been the challenging thing for you so far?

NC: Probably vocals. I think Glynnis and I have some of the most vocally demanding songs. Then there’s the tap solos, and I think my character has to learn some ballroom dancing. 

RM: Who would you say is the funniest person in the cast?

NC: Oh god, I don’t know. Everybody is really funny; we all just come together with all our different types of humour and it’s always a fun time.

RM: What’s something that will surprise people about this show?

NC: Well, the show takes place in the 1920s, and the views expressed seem very traditional, especially regarding women. But there is definitely something more than stereotypical portrayals in it. Even though some women in the show are depicted as princess-type figures, they come out in the end as heroic.


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