TMM Interview #4

Rajah Maggay, Staff Writer

Rajah Maggay: Okay! So what are your names, what grade are you guys in and how old are you?

Emma Walker: My name’s Emma, I’m in grade ten and I’m fifteen years old.

Morgan Thomas: My name’s Morgan, I’m in grade ten and I’m fourteen years old.

Lochlann Keer: My name is Lochlann, I am in grade ten and I’m fifteen.

Brianne Thompson: My name is Brianne, I’m in grade ten and I’m fifteen.

Connor Gelinas: I’m Connor, I’m in grade ten and can I say sixteen?

EW, MT, LK, BT: No!

CG: Fine! I’ fifteen even though my birthday’s next month.

RM: Why did you want to be involved with the musical?

MT: I sort of told everybody to join, but Brianne and Emma joined of their own accord because they actually wanted to. Each time we’d have Skype calls I’d just bring it up and say, “Hey guys, did you hear about the musical?”

LK: We hadn’t even finished junior high yet before she started talking all about the musical.

BT: This is really cheesy, but I’ve felt this connection to plays and musicals ever since I was little. I’ve been creating little plays my entire life and now it’s really great to be part of an actual one.

EW: I joined the musical because I’ve always been interested in them. I really enjoy acting, singing and dancing, and I’ve never been in a musical in a school environment like this.

LK: I too felt a calling or connection like Brianne said. Except for me it was Morgan literally calling my name repeatedly, telling me to join!

CG: 95% of it was Morgan telling me/peer pressure, but the other 5% was that I like to put myself in other people’s shoes. I like to take a break from reality and dwell into the life of another person.

RM: What are your roles?

MT: I’m one of the Priscilla girls named Cora, and a stenog.

EW: I’m one of the Priscilla girls named Gloria, and also a stenog.

LK: I’m F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dexter, a Modern and a cop who’s received the name Officer Coplann.

BT: I’m a Modern and Dorothy Parker.

CG: I’m a Modern, one of Muzzy’s Boys and the Letch.

RM: How’d you react when you got your role?

LK: I reacted with incoherent squealing for basically ten minutes straight and only stopped when I had to breathe.

MT: I was happy to be one of the Priscilla girls since that was the role I wanted to get. I was also really glad to be a stenog since I really wanted to be in the tap numbers.

EW: I was also really happy to be a Priscilla girl, and like Morgan, I wanted to be in the tap number since I’ve never tap danced before. In general, I was just really excited.

BT: I was relieved that I even had a line. When I found out, it was midnight and I was an emotional mess.

CG: Once I realized that I was the Letch, I had no idea who this guy was. I thought he would be something random like a janitor or a quiet guy in the corner. Turns out he was the complete opposite of that.

RM: What are your favourite scenes/numbers to rehearse?

EW: ‘Forget About The Boy’.

LK: My favourite to watch is ‘Forget About The Boy’ or ‘They Don’t Know’. Watching Jocelyn do her number is just pure beauty.

BT: I like rehearsing the opening number (‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’) because it’s just fun. Then I like watching how synchronized everyone is in the tap numbers.

MT: My favourite ones to rehearse are ‘Nuttycracker Suite’ or ‘Forget About The Boy’.

CG: My favourite is ‘Nuttycracker Suite’.

RM: What’s been your favourite cast moment?

MT: Anytime Jocelyn does ‘They Don’t Know’.

EW: I really enjoyed the cast bonding night. That was a nice and fun bonding experience. It was great.

LK: I’d say our cast bonding or our cast group hug, but mostly the cast bonding since we all collectively hated the movie version of Thoroughly Modern Millie so much!

BT: Well, there’s casting bonding of course, but there was this one time we were waiting before rehearsal for the number ‘Nuttycracker Suite’ and we just started doing improv. There was a mattress out and it was great.

CG: I liked the cast bonding; it was full of some great experiences that I won’t forget.

RM: What sort of person is going to enjoy this show?

MT, BT, EW: Everyone!

LK: Anyone with a good taste in musicals.

CG: I think Obama would really enjoy this musical. Or the most interesting man in the world.

RM: What are some challenges you’ve all faced so far with the musical?

MT: Teaching the tap has been a real struggle; then there’s sorting out my schedule with rehearsals.

EW: Sorting out my schedule is a big deal. Rehearsing takes up a lot of time, but it’s going to be worth it in the end. Also, figuring out all the dance numbers has been a bit confusing, but I feel like everyone’s got it now. Even Lochlann.

LK: You guys weren’t there when I was talking to Ms. Williams about the musical, but she said that my audition was brutal!

BT: During rehearsals everyone hits this point where they get so tired, stressed and emotional. People just start to break down internally and externally. Trying to get past that is really challenging.

CG: Getting rides, especially for a St. Albert kid, is a struggle. Then dancing in general is hard since I can’t dance; but the Letch can.

RM: What’s your favourite line in the entire production?

BT, LK, MT, EW, CG: “Sad to be all alone in the world!”

EW: Another one that I really like is, “We could have made it on green glass.”

MT: Also when Dorothy says, “Tame the beast!” is adorable.

BT: I really like where I scream, “Soy sauce!”

CG: My other favourite is “Eight. Teen. Years.”

RM: Who is the most like their character and who is the least like their character?

BT: Connor!

LK: Connor is a lot like the Letch in my opinion.

MT: Also Sarah and Julia are so much like Millie and Miss Dorothy. Jocelyn plays Mrs. Meers really well, so sometimes it feels almost too real.

LK: I also think that John isn’t really like Jimmy.

BT: I’d say some of the Priscilla Girls aren’t really like their characters.

EW: Like for Janelle as Alice, she isn’t boy-crazy like her character at all.

RM: What are rehearsals like for you guys?

EW: Rehearsals can be like an escape, but they’re also exhausting.

MT: It’s good to be in this environment in rehearsals, but sometimes it can be too much.

BT: You sacrifice something of yourself for something great, but again, it is a sacrifice.

LK: It depends on what the rehearsals are. For the speakeasy scene, I’m in the last few seconds, but I have to be there for the entire thing. One time I was there for six hours. But other times you’re on your feet for the entire time, so it depends.

EW: It’s exhausting, but also energizing.

CG: It’s stressful, but the environment is really nice. At rehearsals you can just be yourself. It’s not like anyone is going to come up to you and call you weird since everyone here is weird.

RM: Who is the funniest person in the cast?

MT, CG, EW, LK: Jocelyn!

BT: Me! Just kidding, Jocelyn! We’re all a really good group, so we all just end up laughing a lot.




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