Dog of the Month: Ernie

Amanda Brooks, Staff Writer

IMG_2004Hello! I am Ernie, a papillon turning 1 this March. For my little size, I’m as agile as a monkey. Humans can run around and try to chase me, but they just can’t meet the challenge. I can run forever! This proves to be an asset during games. In fetch for example, once that ball is mine, it’s mine. All attempts to take my precious ball away from me are useless. Not only am I fast, I’m pretty much irresistible to the humans. They weaken in my presence. Of course, I take full advantage of this. Using my slick and sly techniques, I snatch their food. Swiper the fox should be taking some notes. Unfortunately, the food is always ever-so-rudely taken from my mouth. Those greedy humans.. they take all the pizza for themselves. At least I don’t have to pay for my food. Who’s the real champion now?


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