National Bath Safety Month

Roanne Andaya, Staff Writer


January is the month for hot chocolate and exams, but you probably didn’t know that it’s also the month for bath safety. Bath safety generally applies to elders and children who are prone to accidents while taking a bath, but it never hurts to use caution while in the bathroom.

So, what is Bath Safety Month? Bath safety is an issue that is present in every home with a bathtub, whether you’re aware of it or not. Bath Safety Month was created to raise awareness about this issue, and to provide ways of reducing accidents. To put it simply, bath safety can be split into two parts: bath safety procedures and bath safety equipment. Health Canada as well as international medical organizations have set out some suggestions and safety precautions that can and should be taken while taking a bath.

  1. Check the temperature before you take a bath: This usually applies to younger children who can bun themselves with hot water. Make sure that the temperature is no more than 49°C. If you are filling the tub, make sure to fill it with cold water first before adding in hot water. Always test the water before putting a child in the tub.
  2. Preventing slips: Slips are something that happen frequently in the tub, for both children and adults alike. Try putting a slip-resistant mat on the tub floor, and make sure that the throw rug or bathmat outside of the shower or bath does not easily slide. Wipe up excess water on the floor  to reduce the risk of slips. For younger children and seniors, grab bars are recommended for support.
  3. Supervision: This is recommended for children under the age of 7. Although drowning can happen at any time, most children who drown in tubs are under the age of 5. Young children shouldn’t be left alone in the bathtub.
  4. Overall safety: Some precautions are self-explanatory. For example, make sure that there are no electrical switches or plugs near the water. As well, make sure your bathroom door can be unlocked from both sides in case of emergency.

Although bath safety seems like a tedious and obvious issue to most, it is still important to keep these tips in mind. Make every day this year a bath-safe day!


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