Studying: It Never Ends

Paola Andrade-Sequera, Staff Writer


Finally, it has arrived. That time of the year we’ve been trying not to think about since September; the season to be panicking. Finals are here and no one can stop them. Unluckily, our only option is to face reality and, well… study.
There’s always a name, a date, a word that you simply cannot remember. Maybe there’s a subject where understanding is not even an option, and you have to resort to memory tricks. These study tips should help you memorize more and stress less.
For tidbits of information that you just cannot wrap your head around, writing it down usually helps. The more times you see it, the easier it is to remember it. For example, you could write it on your hand. That way, you’ll see the words continuously; whenever you eat, write, draw or type, they’ll be visible.  (Just remember to wash your hands before the exam.)  After seeing a fact or formula so many times, you will not forget it easily.
You can also use vocal repetition as an tool. If you’re an auditory learner, hearing your own voice loud and clear, reciting the lesson over and over, could be a lifesaver. Perhaps you could make a song out of your notes to a popular tune, to make yourself more familiar with the information. However, that may be time-consuming. If the clock is ticking, the hours passing, and you have gotten nowhere near finished, record yourself while reading your notes. Whenever you have time, listen to your recording. Too busy just to sit down and listen? You can listen to it anywhere; waiting for the bus, running around the neighbourhood, doing your daily chores, even sleeping. Any time will help.
Finally, the best piece of advice anyone could give you is to TRY to keep calm during your exam. It’s easier said than done, but if you can’t relax you are much more likely to make mistakes. Keep your cool; it might not be the season to be jolly, but neither is it time  to panic. Best of luck on your finals!


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