Every Day Is Family Day

Radaypuk Sor, Staff Writer

As you all know, Family Day has passed us by. It occurred about two weeks ago, but how much of it do you remember? I’m assuming not so much, but why? It’s because on Family Day, a lot of us didn’t want to spend time with anybody, and used it to study or be alone. Family Day isn’t about you though, or about the homework you have; it is about your family. It should be about what you do together and the bond you have.

Well, if it isn’t about me, then why should I put any effort into it? It is about you, but in the larger picture it is about all of you. Your entire family has shaped you from top to bottom. You only get one family; there aren’t any other people like them. They have been there with you for a long time, annoying you, laughing with you, crying with you, arguing with you, being sick and much more. You should put effort into being with them on this specific day, because they have put effort into you. It may have been indirect or direct, but it was still a lot on their part. Continue reading


Planning World Domination…. I mean HSMUN

Haley Dang, Editor

Over the span of three days, students from varying schools across Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Fort McMurray and even BC came down to the University of Alberta for the High School Model United Nations (HSMUN) event. Students were split into committees and assumed the role of delegates representing their countries.  The basic run-down: there are topics in which different committees discuss and debate, and it comes down to voting on the best resolution for the problem at hand. You can read more about the event itself here.

I would like to start off by congratulating Kelsey Fortier in Grade 12, who won the award for Best Speaker in her committee, DISEC (The Disarmament and International Security Committee) when representing Israel. As well, Lochlann Kerr won Best Speaker for his participation in WHO (World Health Organization), also representing Israel. The students sent to this simulation were nothing short of amazing. Students were always actively involved, raising their placards to debate and running around to help with resolution papers. Students from everywhere just showed so much passion and interest to be here at HSMUN. Everyone worked hand in hand to make this the most authentic experience possible for all those participating. People stuck by their foreign policies and developed allies, as well as (not going to lie) a couple of enemies. Many delegates worked their tails off to get resolutions passes, merge papers, form alliances and become the negotiator of a lifetime. Continue reading

A Story of Courage

The true legacy of black Canadians in Canada

Navneet Chand, Staff Writer

February 2016 marks Canada’s 20th anniversary for Black History Month. This may sound momentous for us, but in reality America has us beat this one time. So the question is this: why did it take so long for Canada to recognize the black Canadians that created the multicultural nation that we live in today? Though we may not have an answer to that, we do know that without the life-long endeavours of Canadians such as Viola Desmond and Michaëlle Jean, Canada would not be what it is today.

Viola Desmond was a young Canadian entrepreneur living in the Maritimes. One night, she decided to go to the movies. She wanted a good seat close to the screen, but she was banned from that section because she was black. Continue reading

Catching Up With Matchomatics

Christina Nguyen, Staff Writer

It was that time of year again! Valentine’s Day!! Full of love and plans with that someone special. Or a time to hang out with your friends or even spend time with family. At Mac it’s a tradition of filling out those Matchomatic sheets and finding your true love. Let me rephrase that. Finding someone compatible. It’s always fun to see who’s on your list. It’s also a great way to show some school spirit, and  the money raised goes to the school to plan awesome events throughout the year! Did you support Mac this Valentine’s Day?

These Matchomatics are basically like online dating, but not as high tech. You find out how compatible you are to those in your school. Matchomatics isn’t strictly for finding that someone special; it’s also about meeting people in the Mac community. However , there are some people who ask out their most compatible. There are some couples in this school who met because of Matchomatics. But don’t stress over this: single, part of a couple or otherwise, it’s still only a questionnaire anyways.

What the Heck is “Curtains” performed by Grant MacEwan?

Julia Stanski, Editor


Grant MacEwan University runs a two-year Theatre Arts program that culminates in a musical theatre diploma, the only such program in Edmonton.  Every year, their class of second-year students puts on three main stage musicals. It’s a great opportunity to see near-professional productions of musicals for a reasonable price; student tickets cost only $15. Every year their season is different and interesting; some previous shows include The Music Man, Pacific Overtures, Sondheim on Sondheim, A Little Night Music, Spring Awakening and Thoroughly Modern Millie. Usually, two of the shows take place in the beautiful John L. Haar Theater, while the third is produced in the Theatre Lab of the same building.

Why should I watch student theatre?

An advantage to seeing MacEwan shows is familiarizing yourself with the young artists and up-and-comers of our theatre scene. MacEwan has produced incredibly talented artists like Gianna Read, Luc Tellier, Jason Hardwick and Jarrett Krissa, who are now active and working in theatre all over the city, province and country. Tell people you saw them when they were just starting out! It’s also an opportunity to trace the careers of high school performers you’ve seen, especially for those involved in Cappies. Fun fact: Cappies award winner Ben Wheelwright is currently starring on Broadway.   Continue reading

The Importance of Getting Sleep

 Katie Lin, Staff Writertumblr_o1u36nLtId1s2wio8o1_500

How many hours of sleep do you get per day? Do you stay up late every night?

According to Nationwide Children’s research statistics, most adolescents do not get enough sleep. On average, teenagers get about 7-7¼ hours of sleep each night, when most of them need about 9-9¼ hours of sleep to function normally. Sleep deprivation amongst teenagers has become a huge issue; not getting enough sleep can have many negative impacts. However, getting enough sleep is easier said than done.  Teenagers stay up for various reasons, including studying, browsing the internet, or doing extracurricular activities. How is it possible to get enough sleep, despite the distractions that most teenagers face every single day?

There are dozens of ways to get more sleep, but a few tried-and-tested methods work well on most people.

The very first method is not to consume any products that contain caffeine at night, as caffeine interferes with brain chemicals that cause sleep and makes you more energetic.

Another way is to avoid distractions during the night. The circadian clock (biological clock), which is controlled by the hypothalamus, regulates when a person feels tired in response to the amount of light to which the eye is exposed. So using devices and technologies that emit light can disrupt the clock, tricking the brain into thinking that it’s still light and there’s no need for the body to feel tired. Keeping your devices out of your room at night (or at least turned off) can help your clock to sense the darkness and signal your body to sleep. Another advantage to keeping technologies out of your sleeping environment: you can’t browse the internet at night, getting too distracted to sleep.   Continue reading

Dog of the Month: Winston

Amanda Brooks, Staff Writerwinston

Woof woof. My name is Winston and I am often mistaken for the Cesar dog. One of my favorite activities is watching animal and wildlife documentaries with my humans. When I get really into the action, I try to get bark my way into the TV, or check what’s behind it. As of today, all attempts have been unsuccessful, but one day I will join in the adventures of the safari. Surprisingly enough, I am also a very fierce wrestler. My humans fear I will transform into Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson one of these days. With my small size comes some fun perks. I have mastered the art of climbing and hiding under small spaces. A disadvantage I’ve found is being addressed like a baby by humans. However, I do love to be pet. Ultimately, I’m just a chill boy living in the shadow of the Cesar mascot. I’ll show that mascot once I make my debut on the Discovery Channel!

2016 David Adomako-Ansah Basketball Tournament

Ace Sindico, Staff Writer

IMG_2496This past weekend the senior men’s basketball team was able to take home the gold at the first annual David Adomako-Ansah Basketball Tournament here at Archbishop MacDonald High School. They remained undefeated throughout the tournament, finishing in the championship with a 91-72 victory over the Paul Kane Blues. The senior women ended up with a 3rd place finish, with victories over the Ardrossan Bisons and the MMM Storm. It was an exciting opportunity for Mac athletes to display the outcome of their hard work, while highlighting the legacy of a young man who embodied the meaning of being a Mac Marauder.

Mac pride was on full display, with packed gyms and constant “Mac’s House” chants by the passionate student body who continued to support their fellow Marauders throughout the weekend. It was the first time Mac has hosted a tournament in years, and it included Thursday’s opening ceremonies, Friday’s pep rally and Saturday’s pancake breakfast, all organized by the Mac Student Union. All this was on top of the exciting matchups displayed by both the men’s and women’s teams, including key execution displayed down the stretch by grade 12 veteran leadership in the senior men’s 74-65 nail-biter finish with our across-the-street rivals, the Edmonton Christian Lions. Continue reading