Dog of the Month: Winston

Amanda Brooks, Staff Writerwinston

Woof woof. My name is Winston and I am often mistaken for the Cesar dog. One of my favorite activities is watching animal and wildlife documentaries with my humans. When I get really into the action, I try to get bark my way into the TV, or check what’s behind it. As of today, all attempts have been unsuccessful, but one day I will join in the adventures of the safari. Surprisingly enough, I am also a very fierce wrestler. My humans fear I will transform into Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson one of these days. With my small size comes some fun perks. I have mastered the art of climbing and hiding under small spaces. A disadvantage I’ve found is being addressed like a baby by humans. However, I do love to be pet. Ultimately, I’m just a chill boy living in the shadow of the Cesar mascot. I’ll show that mascot once I make my debut on the Discovery Channel!


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