Catching Up With Matchomatics

Christina Nguyen, Staff Writer

It was that time of year again! Valentine’s Day!! Full of love and plans with that someone special. Or a time to hang out with your friends or even spend time with family. At Mac it’s a tradition of filling out those Matchomatic sheets and finding your true love. Let me rephrase that. Finding someone compatible. It’s always fun to see who’s on your list. It’s also a great way to show some school spirit, and  the money raised goes to the school to plan awesome events throughout the year! Did you support Mac this Valentine’s Day?

These Matchomatics are basically like online dating, but not as high tech. You find out how compatible you are to those in your school. Matchomatics isn’t strictly for finding that someone special; it’s also about meeting people in the Mac community. However , there are some people who ask out their most compatible. There are some couples in this school who met because of Matchomatics. But don’t stress over this: single, part of a couple or otherwise, it’s still only a questionnaire anyways.


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