A Story of Courage

The true legacy of black Canadians in Canada

Navneet Chand, Staff Writer

February 2016 marks Canada’s 20th anniversary for Black History Month. This may sound momentous for us, but in reality America has us beat this one time. So the question is this: why did it take so long for Canada to recognize the black Canadians that created the multicultural nation that we live in today? Though we may not have an answer to that, we do know that without the life-long endeavours of Canadians such as Viola Desmond and Michaëlle Jean, Canada would not be what it is today.

Viola Desmond was a young Canadian entrepreneur living in the Maritimes. One night, she decided to go to the movies. She wanted a good seat close to the screen, but she was banned from that section because she was black. She didn’t accept these boundaries and she paved the way for equality in Canada today. The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean-the 27th governor general of Canada-was actually the one who introduced the idea of having Black History Month in Canada, and we thank her for that.

At Mac, students have also been introducing ideas and ways to celebrate BHM. The Black History Month Committee in particular has spearheaded the campaign to educate students on a brilliant legacy that must be acknowledged. Some events planned by the BHMC include an upcoming  PLT on Tuesday, February 23rd and an art show entitled The Colour of Courage: An Exhibition on the 23rd-24th. Fitting perfectly with the national theme of courage, Mac students have proudly celebrated this esteemed month. Come out and celebrate with them by signing up for the PLT and viewing the art show.



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