Planning World Domination…. I mean HSMUN

Haley Dang, Editor

Over the span of three days, students from varying schools across Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Fort McMurray and even BC came down to the University of Alberta for the High School Model United Nations (HSMUN) event. Students were split into committees and assumed the role of delegates representing their countries.  The basic run-down: there are topics in which different committees discuss and debate, and it comes down to voting on the best resolution for the problem at hand. You can read more about the event itself here.

I would like to start off by congratulating Kelsey Fortier in Grade 12, who won the award for Best Speaker in her committee, DISEC (The Disarmament and International Security Committee) when representing Israel. As well, Lochlann Kerr won Best Speaker for his participation in WHO (World Health Organization), also representing Israel. The students sent to this simulation were nothing short of amazing. Students were always actively involved, raising their placards to debate and running around to help with resolution papers. Students from everywhere just showed so much passion and interest to be here at HSMUN. Everyone worked hand in hand to make this the most authentic experience possible for all those participating. People stuck by their foreign policies and developed allies, as well as (not going to lie) a couple of enemies. Many delegates worked their tails off to get resolutions passes, merge papers, form alliances and become the negotiator of a lifetime.

You may think that HSMUN is this serious event where students wear pressed suits and talk like they wrote the Oxford dictionary, then decided to memorize it for fun. Well, if this is what you think, you are way off base. The reality is, this is an event filled with teenagers like you and me, even with the whole idea of making decisions for the world on the table. There is still time to joke around and have fun, as long as by the end of the day, you’ve submitted a paper that’s going to hypothetically change the world for the greater good.

I spent my time in Legal Committee, where we discussed the rights of illegal migrants and the legal parameters to be set for international espionage.  We had other students scattered all over the place from DISEC, WHO, and UNICEF, representing an array of countries, and discussing topics of all nature.  When it came to discussion, delegates were sometimes roasted for ten minutes straight on their foreign policy. In other instances, delegates were commended for what they said, and it could be heard in the loud banging of hands knocking or slapping passionately on the wood of the desk. These are the sounds of encouragement one hears after making a memorable remark, or one that got to the hearts of many people.

All joking aside, HSMUN is an experience everyone should enjoy more than once in their life. You develop skills you never thought you had. You end up learning so much from the experience itself. You have amazing university students donating their time, to make it the best time possible.We had Senator Doug Roche come on the night of the banquet to discuss his time and involvement in the UN. These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you can’t recreate. You end up meeting people you would never have met otherwise. You have the chance to learn about real world issues that not only affect you, but people around the world. If you are curious about what happened at HSMUN, you can check out the Daily Delegate , which is the newspaper they put out on the events of the day and previous day. I HIGHLY recommend reading it, as it is quite hilarious and very well-written by a press staff made up of volunteers and students. (I ‘m not being biased, it’s not like I run a paper or anything of that nature.)  It will also help you get an idea of what happened at HSMUN while you were doing your physics homework.



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