Every Day Is Family Day

Radaypuk Sor, Staff Writer

As you all know, Family Day has passed us by. It occurred about two weeks ago, but how much of it do you remember? I’m assuming not so much, but why? It’s because on Family Day, a lot of us didn’t want to spend time with anybody, and used it to study or be alone. Family Day isn’t about you though, or about the homework you have; it is about your family. It should be about what you do together and the bond you have.

Well, if it isn’t about me, then why should I put any effort into it? It is about you, but in the larger picture it is about all of you. Your entire family has shaped you from top to bottom. You only get one family; there aren’t any other people like them. They have been there with you for a long time, annoying you, laughing with you, crying with you, arguing with you, being sick and much more. You should put effort into being with them on this specific day, because they have put effort into you. It may have been indirect or direct, but it was still a lot on their part.

There are different ways to spend time with your family and honestly, instead of thinking them up, I think the best way is to just let it happen. With my family, they have always surprised me in every single way, with all their different personalities, traits and quirkiness. They can bring up the most brilliant ideas, even if some of them aren’t so brilliant. You never regret them, no matter how extremely stupid they are. Never let that thought of ‘What should I do with my family on Family Day?’ constrict you. Your family is all you need for Family Day, and they always have something different to throw at you.

On Family Day, my siblings and I spent our time watching some of our favourite childhood cartoons. We watched Cinderella, Thumbelina and Pinocchio, and had fun recalling all our favourite scenes from the movies. I was in awe watching all the scenes that I somehow remembered so perfectly clearly. When we finished, we went outside just to enjoy the snow. (At the time there was still a crud-load of snow compared to now. Edmonton weather is quite crazy.) We made snow angels, threw snowballs at each other and tried to build igloos, but failed miserably. We had a lot of fun on Family Day. The time was definitely not wasted.

In conclusion, Family Day is meant to be spent with family, but it’s more than just that. It’s to remind us that Family Day should be every day, because so many days are spent just doing work.  We tend to selfishly think about ourselves, forgetting that the people who made us up are the people who should be loved as if there is no tomorrow, because we only get one family. Our family are the people who shaped us before anyone was there to shape. They were there before our friends were. Family is amazing…



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