Happy Leap Year!

Kasey Enokson, Staff Writer

Happy Leap Day everyone! I know that most of us probably don’t care because I mean, there are probably way more important things to care about. Like that bio test that’s coming up. I mean, it’s just another day right?? Wrong. So every four years we have a year that has 366 days instead of the normal 365. If we didn’t have this extra day every four years then there would be ANARCHY… okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a little bit, but it is important that we have this extra day.

This extra day is added in the month of February every four years because it keeps our calendars working properly and in sync with the solar year. A solar year is the time that it takes the earth to complete its orbit around the sun. This period is equivalent to exactly 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds. This means that our calendar year is just a little shorter than a solar year.

It may not seem like much, but after a century without leap years we would be behind the schedule by 25 days. This would mean that all our seasons would start later in the year and eventually summer would be fall and fall would be winter and winter would be spring and spring would be summer and now my head hurts.

So what happens to people who are born on Leap Day?

People who are born on February 29th either celebrate on the 28th of February or on the 1st of March. They have small birthdays on those dates, and then in leap years they will usually have a bigger birthday party, because their real birthdays are so spread apart. You also get to enjoy hearing them say that they are ‘technically five years old’ and all that fun stuff. People who are born on February 29th are called “leaplings” or “leapers”, and if that wasn’t bad enough their real birthday is not even recognized by Facebook. So just give them a break okay, they have enough problems.

Now let me throw down my top 5 Leap Year facts.

  1. It is considered bad luck for a man to refuse a woman’s marriage proposal on February 29th. (Technically speaking, if there were ever a time to propose to Ryan Reynolds, this would be the day.)
  1. Anthony, Texas is the self-proclaimed “Leap Year Capital of the World.” They celebrate with fun festivities and tours of the city.
  1. Teachers technically worked for free that day because they are on an annual salary. Maybe that’s why they were so crabby?
  1. If you were born on February 29th, then don’t worry because there is a place for you! The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies is a site for you to join and meet other people who share the same struggles as you. Here’s the link.
  1. Some people that were born on February 29th include; Ja Rule the rapper and Cam Ward the hockey player.



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