Book review: Silver Linings Playbook

Hannah Watters, Staff Writersilver-linings-playbook-poster

Pat has a theory: his life is a movie produced by God.”

Silver Linings Playbook, written by Matthew Quick, focuses on Pat Peoples, a man who has recently been released from a mental health facility. Upon coming home, he wants to see his wife Nikki again, but for some odd reason no one he knows will talk about her. In hopes of regaining Nikki’s affections, he starts to set his life back in order with the help of his mom and the ‘crazy woman’ in his neighbourhood, Tiffany.

“She looks sad. She looks angry. She looks different from everyone else I know—she cannot put on that happy face others wear when they know they are being watched. She doesn’t put on a face for me, which makes me trust her somehow.” 

When I read this book, I couldn’t put it down. The characters are well-developed and realistic, while the main character’s perspective is new and refreshing. The main character, Pat, is an optimist and believes that life is full of silver linings; he’s also childlike in a sense.  Tiffany, the ‘crazy lady’, believes that life is tough and is a compulsive liar. Both characters have mental illnesses and a difficult past; however, they even each other out. Since these characters are both considered ‘crazy’ by society, they help balance each other out, and make each other seem saner.

Overall, Silver Linings Playbook is an amazing book for those seeking a fresh view on the world. It will make you laugh and cry. As you travel through the book, you encounter the dynamics of a realistic relationship, emphasizing the flaws of being human through the fresh perspective of Pat Peoples.





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