Book Review: The 100

Cassandra Pryer, Staff Writer


download.jpgA nuclear war soaked the earth in radiation, and the surviving humans took refuge in space. Now, centuries later, the last of humanity is living in a spaceship with limited resources and strict laws. With a return to Earth as the last possible choice for survival, 100 juvenile delinquents, considered expendable by society, are being sent down with a mission to recolonize and to pave the way for the rest of their people. This may their second chance at life- or it could the very thing that kills them all.

Clarke was arrested for treason and suffered the consequences of trying to protect those that mattered the most. Wells had himself arrested and sent down to Earth for the girl he loves, hoping she will forgive him. Bellamy fought his way onto the transport pod to Earth to protect his sister, the only siblings on the spaceship. And Glass, who managed to escape from the transport pod, finds she might be in just as much danger on the ship as she would have been on Earth.

Now the 100, a group of teenagers who broke the rules and were never meant to be heroes, have to fight to survive. They may be mankind’s last hope.

This novel is the first in the trilogy by Kass Morgan. Day 21 and Homecoming (books 2 and 3) are already published. This book was also turned into a T.V series on the CW network. The third season is currently airing. If you like sci-fi and are looking for a light read that became a critically acclaimed show, then this is the series for you.




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