Improv on Fire Recap

Roanne Andaya, Staff Writer

Edmonton is an amazing city for fine arts. We have awesome theatres across the city that host Broadway musicals and community shows throughout the year, and many people who have the potential to become great actors, singers and artists are discovered, some of whom are found in Edmonton’s own high schools. One of the festivals that encourage high school fine arts is the Wildfire Improv tournament that happens annually during the last few weeks of February.

Hosted by Rapid Fire Improv and the Citadel theatre, the Wildfire Festival is a sixteen-day improv festival for students in Alberta and the Territories. It consists of three tournaments: The Canadian Improv Games (CIG), the Nosebowl and the Wildfire Junior tournament. The CIG and the Nosebowl are tournaments set specifically for high school teams, while the Wildfire Junior festival is for junior high schools that are new to improv. The high school tournaments each run over a span of six days, while the junior high tournament lasts four. Every year during its ongoing production, the nights are sure to be full of laughter and fun.

I had the opportunity to watch the third night of the Wildfire Junior tournament, and to say the least, I was not disappointed. The atmosphere in the theatre was light-hearted and companionable throughout the entire show, despite the fact the teams were competing. Each team had their own distinct style and carried out their scenes wonderfully, accomplishing their goal of bringing a smile to the audience’s faces. Although the teams consisted mainly of junior high students, it was an amazing night, full of laughter and jokes. I had a great time with a couple of my friends, and I couldn’t help but wonder how the high school tournaments went.

According to Rapid Fire’s website, the CIG tournament ended with Westwood, Strathcona, WP Wagner, Hunting Hills and Lindsay Thurber as the top 5 teams. In the end, the tournament went to Hunting Hills High School from Red Team. The Nosebowl tournament’s top 5 teams were Strathcona, Louis St. Laurent, WP Wagner, Hunting Hills and Lindsay Thurber. The finals came to a head and Lindsay Thurber came out in first place.

Mac’s very own improv team did a wonderful job in both tournaments. During their night at CIG they won a total score of 429; however, this was not enough for them to make it into the finals. The Nosebowl tournament had Mac scoring a 45, the best of the nine teams of their night! Our team had the opportunity to fight for a spot in the finals. Unfortunately, they did not make it but regardless of the results, our school is still extremely proud of our improv team.

The Wildfire Festival is surely an event that shouldn’t be missed. If you were unable to attend this year, do not fret! The event is annual and you have the chance to see (or possibly participate in) the tournament next year!



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