Basketball Marathon 2016 Overview

Robyn Taylor, Staff Writer1535015_10208758995243204_7053180046607861718_n

Now, a lot of you may have noticed the posters around the school regarding the upcoming basketball marathon.  To provide some more information about it:  the basketball marathon is an annual charity fundraiser planned by the Social Justice Club and International Mindedness club to raise money for the Sign of Hope (social justice) and Hope for Malawi (IM) .Players are split into two teams (depending on the charity they wish to support) and play basketball for twelve hours in order to support this cause. To get involved, you must have a pledge form with a minimum of seventy-five dollars raised.

Not into basketball, but want to support the causes? You still can! This year the IM club will also be introducing a games tournament room that will run in a similar fashion. To participate, you must also raise a minimum of seventy-five dollars.

Be on the lookout for the pledge forms after spring break, and a reminder that the Basketball marathon will be on April 22!


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