Your Guide to Dramafest 2016

Julia Stanski, Editor

1. What is Dramafest?
Dramafest is a festival of student-directed one-act plays, done by your talented classmates here in Mac’s drama room/blackbox theater. Over the past three months, eight shows have been rehearsing to perform for you, April 12-15.

2. How does it work?
During the second week of April, Tuesday-Friday, shows will be performed in PLTs, drama classes and evenings. Admission is by donation, so if you’re a broke student you’re still welcome. To see your friends perform, sign up for PLTs, come on Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday evening or ask your teachers to bring your class to the matinees.

3. What are the shows?
This year our program consists of eight shows, five in-class productions and three extracurricular ones. Keep reading to see what they are.

Drop Dead, Juliet!
By Allison Williams

  • Featuring: Breanna Fang, Chris Le, Amanda Nguyen, Shayla Nguyen, Kathy Pham, Vince Pontrias, Julia Stanski, Judy Tan, Victor Tu, Martina Elegino, Kelsey Fortier and Bradley Spackman
  • Directed collectively
  • Produced in Drama 30

Juliet has had enough of reliving the greatest tragic love story of all time, over and over and over. Step aside, Shakespeare; it’s time for another draft. More love, less death, more parts for girls and way more fun await in this parody and commentary on Romeo and Juliet.

Fog on the Mountain
By Tim Kelly

  • Featuring: Aline Belzil, Amanda Nguyen, Vince Pontrias, Nina Sinozic, Bradley Spackman and Chelsea Woo
  • Directed collectively
  • Produced in Drama 30

This eerie tale set in the isolated mountains of New Hampshire, follows a creepy medicine woman/witch, her young assistant desperate to escape, a curious college student and a legendary apparition. A reflection on superstition, courage and evil, Fog on the Mountain will send a chill down your spine.

Half the World
By Sarah Dickson, Julia Stanski and Curtis Ward

  • Featuring: Navneet Chand, Sarah Dickson, Alan Han, Ally Ianni, Rajah Maggay, Julia Stanski,  Morgan Thomas, Elaine Tran, Martina Elegino, Lochlann Kerr, Cassandra Pryer, Janelle Trombley and Curtis Ward
  • Directed by Julia Stanski and Sarah Dickson
  • Produced independently

In 1913 Winnipeg, the women’s suffrage movement is growing. Caught up in its fight for equality and freedom, 16-year-old Lily is determined to escape a life of oppression and find her own path. This one-act historic musical looks at romance, reality and the question of choice.

The Art of Solving Gordon
By Katherine Archibald

  • Featuring: Katherine Archibald, Sean Currie, Isaiah Rust, Mallory Stahlke and Chelsea Woo
  • Directed by Katherine Archibald
  • Produced independently

Constance is entirely baffled by her boyfriend’s sudden suicide attempt, following the shot he fired into her shoulder. As the question consumes her, this part love tragedy, part psychological thriller probes the depths of how far one can go to solve the mystery of someone who can’t be solved.

The End of Pretending
By Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman and Emily Sugerman

  • Featuring: Katherine Archibald and Kelsey Fortier
  • Directed collectively
  • Produced in Drama 30

Two best friends on the edge of adulthood face a summer of constant pretense. As Charlotte tries to hide and deny the fact that her mother is dying, she and Emily write a play about the Brontë sisters. Their imaginary worlds finally force them to confront their secrets, the ones they keep from each other and themselves.

The Final Hours (Drama 20 Collective)

  • Featuring: Piera Angotti, Navneet Chand, Kasey Enokson,  Eunice Gatama, Maelys Hernandez, Nadia Sadiq, Braden Simmons, Denanh Tran and Hannah Watters
  • Directed collectively
  • Produced in Drama 20

Created collaboratively by the ensemble, this show set in a lost world observes two groups forced to question their notions of right and wrong as the clock runs down to a mysterious climactic event.

The Game
By Louise Bryant

  • Featuring: Sydney Abraham, Jocelyn Bartolome, Martina Elegino and Vince Pontrias
  • Directed collectively
  • Produced in Drama 30

In this intriguing allegorical play, Life and Death vie for the souls of two young would-be suicides, a poet and a dancer. Throughout questions of love, loss and purpose, fates will ultimately be decided by a roll of the dice.

The Tribulations of Matrimony
By Celia Taylor

  • Featuring: Lochlann Kerr, Megan Macasaet, Maddy Neuman and Cassandra Pryer
  • Directed by Jocelyn Bartolome
  • Produced independently

Sword fighting, rap battles and chaos ensue as Prince Humperdink and Prince John compete for the Princess’s hand. In this charming script by a Mac graduate, no challenge is too great or too ridiculous.



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