The Sound That Swings

The fifteenth official month celebrating the history and heritage of JazzJam Horizontal

Navneet Chand, Staff Writer2016-04-30

Get ready to tap your toes and swing to the smooth rhythm of the band, because it’s Jazz Appreciation Month! Known to many simply asJAM, this month was inaugurated by the world-renowned Smithsonian Museum to shine the spotlight on one of history’s greatest styles of music.

Since 2002, people everywhere having been dancing to the swaying sound of the horns as April marks this very special occasion for both jazzy souls and audiences of all ages. The birthplace of jazz is and always will be New Orleans, the soulful hub of everything from trumpets to tenors. It originated here from early African-American styles.

The Smithsonian plays an active role every JAM by assigning a different jazz legend to be featured on their official poster and represent the month for that year. This year, they have decided to celebrate the legacy of a true pioneer of swing, Benny Carter.

Carter seamlessly fits this year’s theme that describes jazz as a democratic voice which allows a universal communication between all people. Benny Carter is forever remembered as a man who broke down musical barriers for this genre and defined the role of the alto saxophone in history. With Carter’s image at the helm of this month’s poster, JAM is sure to be an absolute hit.

So shine up the brass, sing a “be-bop” note or two, take a music class, or maybe just visit the Smithsonian website where you can view and discover interactive and immersive activities to bring out the beat of the band in all of our hearts, making this year’s JAM a truly wonderful event to remember.



  • Smithsonian: The National Museum of American History (Website)



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