Book Review: Looking for Alaska

Mariana Gutierrez-Serna, Staff Writer


“You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth. Thinking about how you’ll escape it one day. And how awesome it will be. And imaging that future keeps you going. But you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present.” John Green, Looking for Alaska.

Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? What would your “Great Perhaps” be?

For his entire life Miles has been invisible, living without a purpose. His only obsession is famous last words. The ones that especially haunt him: “I go to seek a Great Perhaps” (François Rabelais, poet ). Miles “Pudge” Halter seeks a “Great Perhaps” at Culver Creek Boarding School, where his life becomes anything but safe. There, Miles meets the beautiful, daring and intriguing Alaska. He is pulled into her world seeking his “Great Perhaps”, and she steals his heart completely.

He can’t get enough of gorgeous, clever and cool Alaska. She’s the girl everyone would die to be, and the girl everyone would love to be with. She’s your cool high school girl, smoking cigarettes and the life of every party. When he talks to her it makes him feel special; Miles was never noticed by anyone until he met her. After that, everything changes.

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. Every character brings their own level of relatability, and if you are a romance or mystery lover, it’s definitely for you. John Green perfectly captures the mind of a high school student, the struggles of loving someone impossible and the challenge of finding a purpose to live your life to the fullest.





May’s Musical of the Month: Les Misérables

Julia Stanski, Editor

les mis barricade.jpg

As anyone will tell you, Les Mis is an absolute classic of the musical theatre canon. Known for being dramatic, French, three hours long and very very sad, it also contains some of the most gorgeous music ever written. The (extremely complex) plot follows redeemed ex-convict Jean Valjean in his quest to do good, raise an orphaned child, avoid his relentless pursuer Inspector Javert and save as many lives as possible in the failed Student Revolution of 1832. This epic tale of love, grace, justice and mercy is almost entire sung-through, and is guaranteed to tug some heartstrings.

The score is full of unforgettable songs like “Do You Hear the People Sing”, which will make you want to start your own revolution, and “On My Own”, the classic ballad of unrequited love. “Stars”, the vow of policeman Javert, is absolutely gorgeous, and “Bring Him Home” will bring you to tears.  There are lots of good recordings of Les Mis, notably the original London cast album featuring Colm Wilkinson, and the 10th anniversary cast with Phillip Quast and Lea Salonga. Be careful when watching the 2012 movie version; it take some liberties with plot and music, and not all actors are the strongest singers.  Probably your best bet is to watch the 25th anniversary concert starring Alfie Boe, Ramin Karimloo and Norm Lewis. Les Mis has converted many a skeptic to a musical theatre lover; its grandeur and melodrama are irresistibly escapist, but beautifully relevant.

Basketball Marathon Recap

Roanne Andaya, Staff Writer

The annual Basketball Marathon has come and gone, but for those of you who missed it, here’s a quick run-down. On April 22nd, two teams raised money for two different charities by playing 12 hours of basketball. A game room was also open for those who paid to participate. The entire marathon lasted for 12 hours on Friday, in a bout of fun and perseverance for the athletes and gamers who participated.

The two charities supported by the marathon were Hope for Malawi and Sign of Hope. Students were allowed to purchase $10 wristbands from Social Justice to skip their block 3 and 4 classes and support the cause. Anybody who donated more than $10 was entered in a draw for a Mac hoodie, which was won by Anesi in grade 10.

The game was graced by many of Mac’s athletes, garnering over 60 student participants. Mac alumni also came to participate in the marathon, joined by the one and only Mr. Eshak. The marathon was covered by CTV News, and the event raised a total of $10, 000 for the two charities.

Becoming a Peer (who Supports Peers!)

Jastinne Diaz, Staff Writer

The Peer Support team of Archbishop MacDonald is behind events such as Mental Health Month (alternatively known as Stomp on Stigma), Smile Because You’re Beautiful and Academic Success. When spring rolls around, Mac’s Peer Support team begins a process of recruiting new members to replace the graduating grade 12s. These members are recruited during the tail end of their grade 10 year, and each member is expected to stay committed to the Peer Support team throughout their remaining two years of high school.

In April, current members of the Peer Support team circulated around grade 10 classes to hand out forms to those interested in joining. These forms give Mrs. Laplante and Mrs. Reeves (the teacher leaders of Peer Support) an idea of who an individual is, and each individual will be called for a face-to-face interview in early May with the teacher leaders and two or three current Peer Support members. Individuals will then be informed by the teacher leaders if they had made it into Peer Support, one to two weeks after the interview.

The 2016 interviews for grade 10 Peer Support candidates will commence on Thursday, May 12 and continue until Wednesday, May 18.

If you have any questions regarding Peer Support, do not hesitate to approach Mrs. Laplante, Mrs. Reeves, or any of the Peer Support members in the hallways.


Humans of Mac-05.15.16

Kasey Enokson, Staff Writer
Featuring Glynnis M.

What does your mom mean to you?

“My mom is my support system. No matter what I do, she always has my back and supports me, especially because I do a lot with music. She loves to give tough love sometimes. I don’t always appreciate it at the time but then when I look back I say, “Thanks Mom.” “

Humans of Mac- 05.09.16

Kasey Enokson, Staff Writer
Featuring Curtis W.


Humans of Mac this week will be centered Moms, being that it was just Mother’s Day yesterday and Moms are marvelous.

How was your Mothers Day?

“Well… yesterday was Mother’s Day, we didn’t do anything super special. The night before we went to a play; we watched West Side Story and that was pretty cool. It was a really good play, a really good night altogether. Then today, well yesterday because today’s Monday, yesterday was Sunday-which was Mother’s Day. Okay we- my mom- wanted the whole family to go and volunteer for the evacuees from Fort McMurray. We first drove over to the airport but they said they already had too many volunteers so they sent us away. Then we went over to Kingsway where we volunteered for almost three hours sorting out donations- there were a lot of donations. It’s ridiculous how many donations there were which was great! So yeah, that was my mothers day- after that I just didn’t do much- studied a bit for Chemistry- who knows why I did that.”