Paola Andrade-Sequera, Staff Writer

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Picture taken by Haley Dang

Spring has finally arrived, and a look through the window is enough to witness the sunbeams pouring down on the once-cold ground. The snow is gone, the birds are singing, flowers are blooming- almost.  Sadly, as of now, the only place where you can find these beauties is hidden in the confines of a store. Even though spring was supposed to start on March 21, we have yet to be delighted by the colour of flowers. (Sadly, that is, if you are fortunate enough not to suffer from allergies.)

Every flower has a meaning of its own. Three of the most famous have been used as names for girls around the world. But what is the symbolism of these popular flowers?

The most well-known flower is one that “by any other name would smell as sweet.” You guessed right: a rose. Depending on its colour, roses can have numerous meanings. While red roses are a sign of love, passion, and in some cases courage and respect, white roses may symbolize innocence or youth. Yellow ones are given as a token of friendship; orange ones designate enthusiasm. And sweet pink roses’ meaning vary depending on the shade . The lighter shades signify sympathy and admiration, passing through “please believe me,” and ending in the dark shades of a message of gratefulness. The meaning attached to a rose also varies on the number, and whether it is a closed bud or not.

Now, “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true.” What is it you truly mean? Plucking petals from this flower has become plan Z for those attempting to figure out whether their love interest loves them or does not. Daisies are a symbol of love and motherhood. After all, in Norse mythology, they symbolize Freya, a love goddess. They also represent innocence and purity, as they were commonly  used in Renaissance paintings to represent Christ. The overly used phrase of “fresh as a daisy” probably does enough on its own to point towards the theme of purity.

Although lilies are often seen at funerals, to symbolize a peaceful passing of the soul, their use is also involved in far more joyful events. They are used as an anniversary flower, as a message of devotion. However, the many variations of lilies each have their own meaning too. For instance, Peruvian lilies symbolize friendship; pink stargazer lilies represent prosperity, and so on. In general, this graceful flower whose name originated from Greek (leiron) symbolizes chastity and virtue.


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