April’s Dog of the Month: Bobo

Amanda Brooks, Staff Writer

Bobo is the name of the two-and-a-half-year-old Bichon Shitzu who has swung his way into our hearts this month. Bobo is an affectionate and energetic puppy who loves to make the people around him feel special. Despite his embracive personality, Bobo is also very perceptive and respectful of your space if you want to be alone. (Although I can’t imagine anyone who would want space from Bobo.) He’s very talented for his young age; he’s mastered several tricks, including twirling, rolling, turning around, high fives and eating on command. We could all take some notes from Bobo as he sticks to a fixed sleep schedule. The latest he’ll go to bed is 9:30, and he’ll be up bright and early in the morning to venture out with his human. The world is your oyster, little Bobo. 10/10 pupper!


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