Humans of Mac- 05.09.16

Kasey Enokson, Staff Writer
Featuring Curtis W.


Humans of Mac this week will be centered Moms, being that it was just Mother’s Day yesterday and Moms are marvelous.

How was your Mothers Day?

“Well… yesterday was Mother’s Day, we didn’t do anything super special. The night before we went to a play; we watched West Side Story and that was pretty cool. It was a really good play, a really good night altogether. Then today, well yesterday because today’s Monday, yesterday was Sunday-which was Mother’s Day. Okay we- my mom- wanted the whole family to go and volunteer for the evacuees from Fort McMurray. We first drove over to the airport but they said they already had too many volunteers so they sent us away. Then we went over to Kingsway where we volunteered for almost three hours sorting out donations- there were a lot of donations. It’s ridiculous how many donations there were which was great! So yeah, that was my mothers day- after that I just didn’t do much- studied a bit for Chemistry- who knows why I did that.”


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