Becoming a Peer (who Supports Peers!)

Jastinne Diaz, Staff Writer

The Peer Support team of Archbishop MacDonald is behind events such as Mental Health Month (alternatively known as Stomp on Stigma), Smile Because You’re Beautiful and Academic Success. When spring rolls around, Mac’s Peer Support team begins a process of recruiting new members to replace the graduating grade 12s. These members are recruited during the tail end of their grade 10 year, and each member is expected to stay committed to the Peer Support team throughout their remaining two years of high school.

In April, current members of the Peer Support team circulated around grade 10 classes to hand out forms to those interested in joining. These forms give Mrs. Laplante and Mrs. Reeves (the teacher leaders of Peer Support) an idea of who an individual is, and each individual will be called for a face-to-face interview in early May with the teacher leaders and two or three current Peer Support members. Individuals will then be informed by the teacher leaders if they had made it into Peer Support, one to two weeks after the interview.

The 2016 interviews for grade 10 Peer Support candidates will commence on Thursday, May 12 and continue until Wednesday, May 18.

If you have any questions regarding Peer Support, do not hesitate to approach Mrs. Laplante, Mrs. Reeves, or any of the Peer Support members in the hallways.



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