Basketball Marathon Recap

Roanne Andaya, Staff Writer

The annual Basketball Marathon has come and gone, but for those of you who missed it, here’s a quick run-down. On April 22nd, two teams raised money for two different charities by playing 12 hours of basketball. A game room was also open for those who paid to participate. The entire marathon lasted for 12 hours on Friday, in a bout of fun and perseverance for the athletes and gamers who participated.

The two charities supported by the marathon were Hope for Malawi and Sign of Hope. Students were allowed to purchase $10 wristbands from Social Justice to skip their block 3 and 4 classes and support the cause. Anybody who donated more than $10 was entered in a draw for a Mac hoodie, which was won by Anesi in grade 10.

The game was graced by many of Mac’s athletes, garnering over 60 student participants. Mac alumni also came to participate in the marathon, joined by the one and only Mr. Eshak. The marathon was covered by CTV News, and the event raised a total of $10, 000 for the two charities.


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