Back to School Opinions

Paola Andrade Sequera, Staff Writer

It is surprising to think that it’s been roughly two months since school started, even though it feels like we’ve been back forever!

After asking a number of students in all grades, the general response to school’s return was not exactly optimistic. Most students seem to dread and complain that school is starting once again. Grade 12’s are nervous about their last year and applying for university while some grade 10’s are struggling to adapt to High School. The grade 10’s may also be feeling nervous and lost because of the huge changes.

As well, students are cranky due to the lack of sleep that they are dealing with. The adjustment from summer all-nighters to waking up at the crack of dawn is always a struggle for us students. In the words of a wise grade 11 student, “I got to wake up at five o’clock and I’m tired.” A disrupted sleeping schedule and the loss of the temporary freedom add up to a lack of enthusiasm for school.

While most students feel distressed about it, there are also many neutral opinions. When asked, many people felt content to just sigh, shrug their shoulders and denote mild acceptance. Going to school is inevitable. Regardless of the complaints, students still go to class diligently because it’s what we need to do.

On the other hand, some grade 10’s bring a positive outlook into this situation. Although it is “not exactly like High School Musical,” there are those who were excited on their first day of school. Many tired of junior high and curious for a new adventure are excited for the new experiences that we provide at Mac. Many saw it as an opportunity for the next chapter in their lives and were ready to move on to this huge step.

As with any situation, there are many different opinions. In the end, we all have to look on the bright side and wake up with a positive outlook on life! However, if that doesn’t work then, worry not- there is only 236 days left until June 14!





Get To Know Your Kiss Me Kate Cast

Megan Macasaet, Staff Writer


This year’s production of Kiss Me Kate is now in full swing. In the next few weeks leading up to opening night, Macsource will be releasing behind-the-scenes interviews with this talented crew. These interviews will give you the opportunity to get to know the lovely people who make this production happen. Three writers of Macsource: Cassandra Pryer, Julia Menard, and Megan Macasaet have teamed up to bring you this exclusive look into the production.

Make sure to catch this year’s musical, December 14-17 at La Cité Francophone. Tickets go on sale in November and each show runs from 7:30-10:00pm.

Too Old For Trick-or-Treating?

Mariana, Staff Writer

Let’s make this clear, NO ONE is ever too old for trick or treating, believe me. Halloween is the one night that people get to be anyone or anything that they desire. Whether it is the 11th Doctor or Rick Grimes; you can be absolutely anyone or anything without any judgment.

This is also the one time of year that you are able to get candy for free! Of course, your parents have to pay for the candy you give out but it is nothing compared to the piles of candy you will have at the end of the night. The pillowcases you are going to fill and the stomachaches you will get after eating all that candy will all be worth it. (Candy is always worth it.) Just picturing the amounts of chocolate that will fill your mouth, the gum that you will chew and the caramel that will get stuck in your teeth makes your mouth water. For just one night of work, you get candy that will last you for what seems like forever!

Although who can forget about the costumes? Whether you plan out your costume for months or throw your costume together the night before, they will all be unique in their own way. The best part of Halloween is being able to show off your costume at school or on Halloween night. When someone opens the door to give you candy and asks, “What are you supposed to be?” your mind runs wild with imagination to what your answer is going to be.

Halloween can be full of excitement and awe for people of all ages. The children see it as a night of dreams and adventure and the adults see it as an opportunity to embrace their inner child by dressing up and handing out candy to the younger children. Who could ever really be too old for trick or treating?


Bucket List #7

Roanne’s Bucket List!

  1. Become an astronaut and go into space to see what the Earth looks like from above
  2. Travel to every country in the world and take a polaroid picture in each major city
  3. Fluently speak more than four languages
  4. Put gum on the Seattle gum wall
  5. Place a love lock on the Brooklyn Bridge with a significant other
  6. Ride a gondola in Venice
  7. Take a picture under the Hollywood sign
  8. Visit the Glowworm Caves in New Zealand
  9. Go to a black sand beach
  10. Take a picture with my family on the eve of my University Graduation

Bucket List #6

Kasey Enokson’s Bucket List!!!

  1. Meet Patrick Kane
  2. Revisit Chicago and witness a Blackhawks playoff game
  3. Travel to Australia (and live to tell the tale!)
  4. See a real live sloth
  5. Visit Copenhagen and go to the land of ABBA
  6. Pass Chemistry 30
  7. Go on a humanitarian trip
  8. Explore Canada
  9. Stand under a waterfall
  10. Buy my Dad a new car or a house
  11. Swim with sharks
  12. Set foot on each of the seven continents
  13. Go on that really cool train through British Columbia
  14. Go ice swimming in Finland
  15. Do everything on my Bucket List


The Edmonton Corn Maze

Jasmine El-issa, Staff Writerbitmap-e1428715395363.png

The Edmonton Corn Maze is known for its adorable petting zoo, tasty treats, and the obvious; the corn maze. For many, the corn maze is a tradition, with many events to keep people of all ages happy and busy.

           The petting zoo is an animal lovers dream. With chickens, goats and pigs galore there are many furry and feathery friends to enjoy. For just a quarter you can grab some feed for the animals to eat out of your hand- that is, if you’re alright with receiving a handful of cow slobber. These animals are also very photogenic; it’s the ideal place to snap a selfie with a goat or to catch a pig posing for his close up.

        Understandably, children seem to love this place, from popcorn and hot chocolate being sold, a giant jumping pillow and pedal carts, the Edmonton corn maze succeeds at keeping them busy. The giant jumping pillow is literally a giant jumping pillow. Once you’ve removed your shoes you can climb onto this trampoline like playground and bounce to your hearts content… as long as that’s within the Tuesday to Thursday 12pm to 8pm, Friday to Saturday 10am to 9pm and Sunday 1pm-5pm schedule.

         Lastly, the maze itself. With the stalks standing at least eight feet tall getting lost becomes a definite possibility. But don’t you fear a thing, with fun hints and clues at almost every corner and employees helping the helpless- you’ll never feel completely lost. Can’t find your friends? No problem! Make your way to the tall bridge near the entrance. Standing at the top will allow you to have a view of almost the whole maze, hopefully putting your group in sight.

         All in all, the Edmonton Corn Maze is a fun experience for any Edmontonian looking to make the most of the short autumn weather we receive. Just remember to pack your boots, a coat and a camera to maximize your stay at the Edmonton Corn Maze.  Click here to find out more.



Peer Support Retreat Recap

Caitleen Goc, Staff Writer

Back Row (Left to Right): Eric, Teresa, Nikki,, Chelsea, Nadia, Roxy, Maddie Front Row (Left to Right): Kim, Johnathan, Ana, Simon, Claire, Jessica, Caitleen, Maria, Jenna, William

As you may or may not know, Peer Support is a group of students who aim to raise the morale and engage the student body in high school events that occur throughout the school year such as; the White Ribbon initiative, Mental Health Month and Smile Because You’re Beautiful. With the theme being hope and mercy, the Peer Support team recently went on their yearly overnight retreat from September 29th to the 30th. Here’s a recap of all of the bonding and team-building that happened for those of us who weren’t able to be there, as well as a little preview of what’s to come this school year! Continue reading

The Couch Traveler: Iceland

Chelsea Parker, Staff Writerthe-couch-traveler

Welcome to The Couch Traveler, where we explore a different country that you should definitely add to your travelling list every month. This month’s country: Iceland.

I had the pleasure of travelling to Iceland last November, and it is safe to say that Iceland is potentially the most magical country on all of Earth—I mean, I’ve only been to like five countries, but that is beside the point. I urge you, if you have the chance to visit the country, whether it be on a layover to somewhere or an actual vacation, please visit Iceland.

A few things you should know before you go: their currency is krona, their national sport is handball, and the majority of the population believes in elves. The population is about three times less than the population of Edmonton, there isn’t a single McDonald’s anywhere in Iceland, they’ve had a democratic government since 930, and they were nation to have elected a female prime minister and an openly gay prime minister. Oh! Did I mention that mosquitos do not exist in Iceland and raw puffin heart is a delicacy? What a place! Continue reading

Bucket List #4

Chelsea Parker:

  1. Ride a double-decker bus in London, England
  2. Open a small café and sell books and coffee and pastries, and have a laundromat in the basement
  3. Own every single cover of the Harry Potter series
  4. Visit Rome and see Julius Caesar’s tomb
  5. Be a New York Times Bestselling Author and have a career in writing
  6. Read every single book on my to-be-read list
  7. Collect classic books that are too old to even open without damaging them
  8. Learn fluent French and then travel to Paris, hopefully to live for a while
  9. Successfully grow an entire garden of flowers, vegetables, and herbs, without a single one succumbing the disease or death
  10. Own at least four cats, all of them having literary pun-names