Bucket List #1

In effort to let the students of the MAC community to know their newspaper better, we will be releasing the writers bucket lists throughout the month. We hope to inspire you to dream a little or to do something amazing!

First up is Jasmine:

  1. Revisit my family in Lebanon.
  2. Revisit Nice France, and walk on the cobblestone streets while sipping on a miniature bottle of Coke.
  3. Attend a hockey game in Pittsburgh and watch Sidney Crosby play live.
  4. Learn Arabic and have a flowing conversation with my grandparents.
  5. Attend a Fall out boy concert.
  6. Attend a Panic! at the disco concert.
  7. Go to Poland to discover my mothers roots.
  8. Go to Rome to explore the Colosseum.
  9. Buy my parents something big, so I can repay them for all they’ve done for me.
  10. Go skydiving so I can see what it’s like to fly.

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