The Edmonton Corn Maze

Jasmine El-issa, Staff Writerbitmap-e1428715395363.png

The Edmonton Corn Maze is known for its adorable petting zoo, tasty treats, and the obvious; the corn maze. For many, the corn maze is a tradition, with many events to keep people of all ages happy and busy.

           The petting zoo is an animal lovers dream. With chickens, goats and pigs galore there are many furry and feathery friends to enjoy. For just a quarter you can grab some feed for the animals to eat out of your hand- that is, if you’re alright with receiving a handful of cow slobber. These animals are also very photogenic; it’s the ideal place to snap a selfie with a goat or to catch a pig posing for his close up.

        Understandably, children seem to love this place, from popcorn and hot chocolate being sold, a giant jumping pillow and pedal carts, the Edmonton corn maze succeeds at keeping them busy. The giant jumping pillow is literally a giant jumping pillow. Once you’ve removed your shoes you can climb onto this trampoline like playground and bounce to your hearts content… as long as that’s within the Tuesday to Thursday 12pm to 8pm, Friday to Saturday 10am to 9pm and Sunday 1pm-5pm schedule.

         Lastly, the maze itself. With the stalks standing at least eight feet tall getting lost becomes a definite possibility. But don’t you fear a thing, with fun hints and clues at almost every corner and employees helping the helpless- you’ll never feel completely lost. Can’t find your friends? No problem! Make your way to the tall bridge near the entrance. Standing at the top will allow you to have a view of almost the whole maze, hopefully putting your group in sight.

         All in all, the Edmonton Corn Maze is a fun experience for any Edmontonian looking to make the most of the short autumn weather we receive. Just remember to pack your boots, a coat and a camera to maximize your stay at the Edmonton Corn Maze.  Click here to find out more.




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