Too Old For Trick-or-Treating?

Mariana, Staff Writer

Let’s make this clear, NO ONE is ever too old for trick or treating, believe me. Halloween is the one night that people get to be anyone or anything that they desire. Whether it is the 11th Doctor or Rick Grimes; you can be absolutely anyone or anything without any judgment.

This is also the one time of year that you are able to get candy for free! Of course, your parents have to pay for the candy you give out but it is nothing compared to the piles of candy you will have at the end of the night. The pillowcases you are going to fill and the stomachaches you will get after eating all that candy will all be worth it. (Candy is always worth it.) Just picturing the amounts of chocolate that will fill your mouth, the gum that you will chew and the caramel that will get stuck in your teeth makes your mouth water. For just one night of work, you get candy that will last you for what seems like forever!

Although who can forget about the costumes? Whether you plan out your costume for months or throw your costume together the night before, they will all be unique in their own way. The best part of Halloween is being able to show off your costume at school or on Halloween night. When someone opens the door to give you candy and asks, “What are you supposed to be?” your mind runs wild with imagination to what your answer is going to be.

Halloween can be full of excitement and awe for people of all ages. The children see it as a night of dreams and adventure and the adults see it as an opportunity to embrace their inner child by dressing up and handing out candy to the younger children. Who could ever really be too old for trick or treating?



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