Back to School Opinions

Paola Andrade Sequera, Staff Writer

It is surprising to think that it’s been roughly two months since school started, even though it feels like we’ve been back forever!

After asking a number of students in all grades, the general response to school’s return was not exactly optimistic. Most students seem to dread and complain that school is starting once again. Grade 12’s are nervous about their last year and applying for university while some grade 10’s are struggling to adapt to High School. The grade 10’s may also be feeling nervous and lost because of the huge changes.

As well, students are cranky due to the lack of sleep that they are dealing with. The adjustment from summer all-nighters to waking up at the crack of dawn is always a struggle for us students. In the words of a wise grade 11 student, “I got to wake up at five o’clock and I’m tired.” A disrupted sleeping schedule and the loss of the temporary freedom add up to a lack of enthusiasm for school.

While most students feel distressed about it, there are also many neutral opinions. When asked, many people felt content to just sigh, shrug their shoulders and denote mild acceptance. Going to school is inevitable. Regardless of the complaints, students still go to class diligently because it’s what we need to do.

On the other hand, some grade 10’s bring a positive outlook into this situation. Although it is “not exactly like High School Musical,” there are those who were excited on their first day of school. Many tired of junior high and curious for a new adventure are excited for the new experiences that we provide at Mac. Many saw it as an opportunity for the next chapter in their lives and were ready to move on to this huge step.

As with any situation, there are many different opinions. In the end, we all have to look on the bright side and wake up with a positive outlook on life! However, if that doesn’t work then, worry not- there is only 236 days left until June 14!





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