The Couch Traveler: Puerto Vallarta

Chelsea Parker, Staff Writer


Welcome to The Couch Traveler, where we explore a different country that you should definitely add to your travelling list every month. This month’s country: Mexico, specifically Puerto Vallarta.

Ah, Mexico. Right now, I think we’re all taking for granted the warm weather that global warming has been providing for us in the usually frigid month of November, but just you wait – when the Arctic weather rains upon us in a few months, you will be wishing for the warm; you will be wishing for a place like Mexico. (I would like to note it started snowing the day after I began this article. Now I’m really wishing for Mexico.)

Want to hear some facts? Sure you do. Both Puerto Vallarta and Seattle were founded in 1851, and it has been named the friendliest country. The iconic church, Our Lady of Guadalupe took 33 years to build. Puerto Vallarta is the most welcoming and gay friendly area in Mexico, and they boast to be the 2nd most visited resort city in the country, with over two million visitors a year.

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Dogs Of The Month: Cloud and Sky

Christina Nguyen, Staff Writer


Hello everyone!! My name is Cloud and this is my sister Sky. We are Siberian huskies and, just like our names, we are super fluffy and feel like clouds. However, we shed so much it looks like it’s snowing wherever we go. Our owner always gets confused between the two of us and, more often than not, I get called Sky. I mean it’s not that hard to figure out, I have a whiter nose than Sky and our blue eyes are opposite from each other. My sister and I have just always been polar opposites. Most of the time I listen but Sky can get quite out of hand when she’s excited.  Both of us love to cuddle and will jump in anyone’s lap when we get the chance. Sky’s always getting in my way when I want to cuddle my human. I love everyone and can’t wait to be petted by everyone. Sky on the other hand is too cool for everyone and likes to brush off affection.






The Crazy Event That Is Nanowrimo

Amanda de Boer, Staff Writer

Everyone has said that they will one day write a novel though they continuously find excuses to get out of it. However, there’s an event called Nanowrimo that pushes people to write that novel that they have always dreamed of.

Nanowrimo challenges those that sign up to write 50 000 words in a month. Now, I understand that, to many, it sounds like a daunting and impossible task but it’s not as impossible as it sounds-just a mere 1667 words a day. However, if that still seems like too much work, they do offer a program to people seventeen and younger called the Young Writers Program. Here you have the option to choose how many words you want to write in November. If Nanowrimo sounds like something you would like to do I insist you sign up. (I mean come on it’s free.) All you have to do is go to their website,, and click sign up. From there just follow the steps and then you’re on your way to writing a novel!

For many people the first couple of days are a breeze. The ideas are still bright and fresh and the sleep deprivation from late nights of writing hasn’t caught up to them yet. Although for the vast majority of people, the writing slump comes soon after. Don’t worry if this happens because the lovely people from Nanowrimo have got your back. Every week on their YouTube channel, they hold a live stream that encourages people to write by doing things called “word sprints.” Word sprints give you a prompt and then a timer is set for 5 to 10 minutes. The goal is to write as many words as possible and resist the urge to edit any mistakes right away. They also hold word sprints throughout the day on their Twitter. As well, during the month there are meet-ups in the libraries around the city.

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Get Your Tickets For Kiss Me Kate!

Megan Macasaet, Staff Writer

The countdown for the opening night is on! Only 13 more days until the show premiers!

Do you know what that means MAC? Tickets are on sale at the business office today, that’s right! $10 for students (including university students). And $15 for non-students (aka adults.) Mark your calendars! This year’s musical runs December 14-17 at La Cité Francophone from 7:30-10:00pm. Stay tuned for special discounts offered by the drama department!


We Remember

​Lest We Forget

Emily Redmond, Staff Writer

Each year we strive to remember and honour our Canadian troops that serve in our military forces. We honour both those who continue to fight in the name of our country and those who have sacrificed their lives for it. Canadians all over the country sport a red poppy above their hearts and reflect upon the many sacrifices that solders have given up for our country. It is our responsibility as Canadians to make sure that these sacrifices do not go unnoticed and are never forgotten.

    So, as to not forget the admiral services of our solders, we take two minutes of silence on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. The moment of silence is done at this time because at this moment in 1918 soldiers everywhere laid down their arms and began to search for peace symbolizing the end of the World War I. 
    While we honor the soldiers who fought in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Afghanistan Conflict, and peacekeeping missions, we also call special recognition to the valiant troops who fought in the Vimy Ridge battle of World War I. This historic battle was fought in France between Canadian and German troops; it was the first time that all Canadian troops came together. The historic attack began on what would be a peaceful and religious celebration for the rest of the world, Easter Sunday. With unusually frigid temperatures and a strong wind, the Canadian troops advanced, receiving some aid by the strong wind that blew the snow in their enemies’ faces. By 6:00 p.m. on April 12th, Canada had defeated the Germans and gained control of Vimy Ridge. Canadian troops were led gallantly by Sir Arthur William Currie and had achieved victory together. 

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KMK Interview – John Cervantes

Cassandra Pryer: What is your name, grade and role? Could you also give a brief description of your role without giving to much away?

John Cervantes: So my name in John Cervantes and I am a grade eleven student and basically, in Kiss me Kate, I play the role of Bill Calhoun and his role in the play, so it is a play within a play, is Lucentio. A brief description of it is basically, Bill is an actor and one main trait is that he is a chronic gambler and that really is a big motive and a really big drive into his relationship with Lois which is seen through the storyline of the play. Also, another trait that he can be very cocky.

CP: How did you react to getting your role?

JC: Well to be honest I didn’t try out for this role, I originally tried out for the role of Paul and when I realized, when I saw the list on Saturday morning and I saw that I got the role of Bill I was happy because Ms. Williams saw potential [in me].

CP: What do you like about your role and what do you hope to bring to it?

JC: Well what I like about it is how expressive he is because I feel like one common trait that Bill and I have is that we both like to be expressive, and you can see that through lines he says and also mainly through his singing, his lyrics, and also his dancing. I hope to bring that trait to the play and well the character.

CP: So how long have you been doing theatre/drama?

JC: Two years. Yeah last year was my first year, so since grade ten.

CP: Why did you want to join the musical?

JC: For this year basically because I just really love the experiences from last year. Yeah, well I also love musicals in general and how much excitement they bring. Continue reading

Tips to Make Studying Easier

Jasmine El-issa, Staff Writer

Studying for that upcoming exam can be difficult and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. These five tips can help lower the stress and anxiety of studying.

You’ve probably heard this one many times from parents and teachers, and you’ve probably rolled your eyes each time. Spending ten minutes at most, to review your notes every night will give you a better understanding of what you learned that day. This also makes it easier to memorize and familiarize yourself with the curriculum, so when test day comes you’ve already done all the hardcore studying. All that’s left is a quick review. It sounds easier than it is, but once you’ve made it a habit you’ll find it comes naturally.

Sticky notes. These tiny pieces of papers are gold when it comes to cutting down on unnecessary information. Whether you’re reading a novel in language arts or you’re memorizing pages of a science textbook, sticky notes are an easy way to highlight important facts. The small space forces you to only write down the necessary information; because if you’re like me, you’re notes are filled with anything and everything on the topic. This is killer when its crunch time. Rather than filling you’re mind with useless sentences; review your revised, short, sticky notes. This way you focus on the important points.

Listen to your favourite soundtracks. Hear me out; if you incorporate music with words it’s easier to remember things. Try and stay away from songs with lyrics, they may become a distraction rather than a helpful thing. For example, when I study I tend to listen to the Hobbit soundtrack so when it comes time to remember facts I can think back: “Oh yes! I was listening to ‘My Dear Frodo’ when I read this… the answers B.”  This doesn’t work for everyone, but give it a shot as it helped me through many study sessions. Continue reading

A Production That’s Just ‘Too Darn Hot’

Emily Redmond, Staff Writer

Image result for kiss me kate broadway
Hartford Stage Production of Kiss Me Kate

This year at Mac our drama students are proud to present what is sure to be a fantastic musical called Kiss Me Kate. Mrs. Williams is directing the revival of the Broadway musical, which includes a comical plot and an evening filled with song, dance and so much more. The award-winning musical includes a masterly crafted score by Cole Porter, which will accompany the play live with a band composed of some of MAC’s most talented musicians. This helps to make the exciting production even more compelling! The song list includes Broadway classics such as ‘Why Can’t You Behave’, ‘Too Darn Hot’, and so many more that will have you humming the melodies for days after you’ve seen your peers take their bows. What makes the play so unique is its unusual set and plot. It begins with the introduction of some stage crew and actors who are all hastily preparing for their musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. More information about the characters and the seemingly disastrous show is revealed as it shows the parallels between Shakespeare’s play and the character’s lives behind the scenes.  Continue reading

KMM Interview 1: Navneet Chand

14572416_10154192140318649_6957044249720310654_nMegan Macasaet: Hello! Let’s start with, what is your name, grade, and role? Could you give a brief description of your role, without giving too much away?

Navneet Chand: Hi! My name is Navneet Chand, I’m currently in Grade 12, and I star as the character Fred Graham in Kiss Me Kate. Fred Graham is an all-around superman that lives, breathes, and sleeps theatre. The title of the show, Kiss Me Kate, actually comes from one of his lines to his ex-wife, the female lead—Lilli Vanessi. Lilli plays Katherine in his up and coming musically-morphed production of The Taming of the Shrew in which he plays Katherine’s love interest, Petruchio.

MM: What do like about your role and what do you hope to bring to it?

NC: Fred Graham is a very multifaceted character, his range of emotions and passions drives me to be excited every rehearsal. I hope to present all those levels of Fred’s being to the audience by displaying that there is more to this writer, producer, director, actor, and superman than just a smug grin. Continue reading

Bucket List #9

Ariana’s Bucket List

  1. Get a Maltipoo and name it Tegan Jovanka
  2. Go to the Pampas and ride horses
  3. Learn epée style fencing
  4. Write and publish a book that becomes a classic to the level of James and Austen
  5. Watch every episode that exists of Classic Who and listen to the Big Finish audios
  6. Own a neo-gothic castle
  7. Own a first edition of The Europeans by Henry James
  8. See a revival of 80s synthpop in popular music
  9. Create my own kpop boy group and produce them
  10. Make a Tumblr for all my niche interests
  11. Get my Peter Grant books signed by Ben Aaronovitch
  12. Own a Paris apartment in the neighborhood of Montmartre
  13. Become the Doctor Who showrunner
  14. Go on a Victorian style European tour
  15. Attain a wardrobe like the Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher
  16. Find “the one”
  17. Learn to be fluent in Italian
  18. Get Buffy’s Coat from Becoming Part 1
  19. Buy a Tribble stuffy
  20. Have a private library with a ladder on wheels