Chelsea Parker. Staff Writer

Wouldn’t we all look guilty, if someone searched hard enough?one

Well hello there book that took me from my book-slump-perdition and raised me to this heavenly world of murder and deceit. Abigail Haas is a genius—put a pen in her hand and an idea in her head, and that woman can create magic from virtually nothing. Dangerous Girls is a magnificent story, which you can’t easily put down, and one that you should definitely read if you’re in need of a heart wrenching novel that will leave you wanting more and wondering how the heck you could have missed it.

Abigail Haas has made this mature YA book—I say mature because some of the content could quite possibly make a more conservative parent bite their fist in angst—a masterpiece of mystery and intellect. It’s a story about a murder in paradise, and so, so much more. It’s a monument of the woes of teenage friendships, young love, and what really goes down when everyone is a liar and has a secret.

Our main character is Anna, who stands accused of the murder of her best friend, Elise. In this telltale journey through Anna’s trial in which she is painted negatively in every sort of light, as if someone streaked Van Gogh’s Starry Night with black paint, we see the wholesome truth of teen love and adolescent friendships. The story is told with sprinkles of how Elise and Anna came to be friends, how Tate and Anna got together, how their whole group of comrades managed to find themselves in Aruba, as well as a plot twist ending that will make you go back again and again.

I have to be honest: before I picked up Dangerous Girls, I hadn’t read a book since I finished Lady Midnight way back when in March. March! I was in a slump for upwards of six months. Isn’t that crazy? To someone whose book-slump-predicaments last as long as grass stains on white jeans, you better believe that I thank this book every night for dragging me back into the world of literature. I had to squint at first, but now this girl is in high gear.

You will not be sorry if you pick up this book. The story is heartbreakingly beautiful and you can’t help to think about what you would do in certain character’s shoes. To me, that’s what good writing is always about. I left this book emotional and yet I still wanted more of Haas’s writing, because she has a poetic voice that makes you get sucked into her prose in a way that you can’t get away.

Go read this book. The pacing is good. The writing is good. The plot is good. The characters are good. The gasp-worthy-jaw-dropping moments are great. This book deserves so much more hype than it gets, and I hope you enjoy it.


PLOT ★★★★★


PACING ★★★★★


COVER ★★★☆☆



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