Bucket List #9

Ariana’s Bucket List

  1. Get a Maltipoo and name it Tegan Jovanka
  2. Go to the Pampas and ride horses
  3. Learn epée style fencing
  4. Write and publish a book that becomes a classic to the level of James and Austen
  5. Watch every episode that exists of Classic Who and listen to the Big Finish audios
  6. Own a neo-gothic castle
  7. Own a first edition of The Europeans by Henry James
  8. See a revival of 80s synthpop in popular music
  9. Create my own kpop boy group and produce them
  10. Make a Tumblr for all my niche interests
  11. Get my Peter Grant books signed by Ben Aaronovitch
  12. Own a Paris apartment in the neighborhood of Montmartre
  13. Become the Doctor Who showrunner
  14. Go on a Victorian style European tour
  15. Attain a wardrobe like the Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher
  16. Find “the one”
  17. Learn to be fluent in Italian
  18. Get Buffy’s Coat from Becoming Part 1
  19. Buy a Tribble stuffy
  20. Have a private library with a ladder on wheels




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