A Production That’s Just ‘Too Darn Hot’

Emily Redmond, Staff Writer

Image result for kiss me kate broadway
Hartford Stage Production of Kiss Me Kate

This year at Mac our drama students are proud to present what is sure to be a fantastic musical called Kiss Me Kate. Mrs. Williams is directing the revival of the Broadway musical, which includes a comical plot and an evening filled with song, dance and so much more. The award-winning musical includes a masterly crafted score by Cole Porter, which will accompany the play live with a band composed of some of MAC’s most talented musicians. This helps to make the exciting production even more compelling! The song list includes Broadway classics such as ‘Why Can’t You Behave’, ‘Too Darn Hot’, and so many more that will have you humming the melodies for days after you’ve seen your peers take their bows. What makes the play so unique is its unusual set and plot. It begins with the introduction of some stage crew and actors who are all hastily preparing for their musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. More information about the characters and the seemingly disastrous show is revealed as it shows the parallels between Shakespeare’s play and the character’s lives behind the scenes. 

The main conflict consists of the steamy and complicated relationship between Fred Graham, director and star of the show, and Lilli Vanessi, the leading lady. However, there is more to the performance than divorcée drama, it is chalk-full with unexpected subplots, fascinating and comical characters like Lois Lane, and even some surprisingly jovial gangsters. All of this is sure to make it a theatre performance any student at MAC, their friends, and family would not want to miss. Kiss Me Kate is filled with a surplus of energy, amazing choreography (thanks to some awesome MAC alumni and students), and just as much conviction as any Broadway rendition of Kiss Me Kate. Be sure to support this year’s production, as it definitely will prove to be so much more than just “another op’nin’ [of] another show”.

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