KMK Interview – John Cervantes

Cassandra Pryer: What is your name, grade and role? Could you also give a brief description of your role without giving to much away?

John Cervantes: So my name in John Cervantes and I am a grade eleven student and basically, in Kiss me Kate, I play the role of Bill Calhoun and his role in the play, so it is a play within a play, is Lucentio. A brief description of it is basically, Bill is an actor and one main trait is that he is a chronic gambler and that really is a big motive and a really big drive into his relationship with Lois which is seen through the storyline of the play. Also, another trait that he can be very cocky.

CP: How did you react to getting your role?

JC: Well to be honest I didn’t try out for this role, I originally tried out for the role of Paul and when I realized, when I saw the list on Saturday morning and I saw that I got the role of Bill I was happy because Ms. Williams saw potential [in me].

CP: What do you like about your role and what do you hope to bring to it?

JC: Well what I like about it is how expressive he is because I feel like one common trait that Bill and I have is that we both like to be expressive, and you can see that through lines he says and also mainly through his singing, his lyrics, and also his dancing. I hope to bring that trait to the play and well the character.

CP: So how long have you been doing theatre/drama?

JC: Two years. Yeah last year was my first year, so since grade ten.

CP: Why did you want to join the musical?

JC: For this year basically because I just really love the experiences from last year. Yeah, well I also love musicals in general and how much excitement they bring.

CP: What do you enjoy about theatre?

JC: Same thing, because you can express yourself and you can portray any emotion you want to and you won’t get judged for it because it’s musical theatre and that’s what it is all about.

CP: What are some of the challenges/scary moments you have faced so far in this show?

JC: Kicks! Kicks and dancing basically. It’s going to seem kind of weird and cheesy but when we were practicing our kicks during dance warm up, um I basically, I was going to push myself to kick as high as possible because I’m not that much of a flexible person, so I can’t kick as high.  I had this fearless mentality and went for it and, yeah, I did a high kick and unfortunately I forgot I that I had socks on so I slipped and I hit my head. Yeah, that was kind of weird but that was the scariest moment I’ve faced so far.

CP: So, describe the show in five words or less.

JC: Lots of choreo and singing!

CP: What’s your favourite line in the production?

JC: Right now I would have to say the last two lines after Lois basically gets onto Bill’s case about his chronic gambling and at the end of the scene Bill is like “Oh, I’m sorry” in a very sarcastic tone and then Lois says “If only you meant it”. I know it is two lines, but it really sets that dynamic to the whole relationship between them that goes on throughout the play

CP: What is your favourite scene/number to rehearse or watch?

JC: I’ll do both. First for scene to rehearse is ‘Tom, Dick, or Harry’ because it’s basically, it is very lighthearted. You have these guys who are singing and dancing trying to impress Bianca. To watch, ‘Another Openin, Another Show’ at the beginning of the show. I love that it really brings all the cast together, and basically it shows them getting ready for ‘another opening, another show’ which is the opening of Taming of the Shrew (the show inside the show) but it is also another opening of Kiss Me Kate.

CP: Who in the cast is most like their character? Who is the least?

JC:  For the most, Eunice who plays Lois, because they are both very lighthearted. The least, Radapuk being Baptista because Radapuk is a very light hearted guy and Baptista is very strict, and well very strict when it comes to choosing the right man for his two daughters.

CP: What is one thing that you want everyone outside the cast/production to know about the cast/production in general?

JC: Get ready because there is a lot of dancing!

CP: What kind of audience do you think would enjoy the show?

JC: You see, anyone that really likes a lighthearted and very exuberant production and especially because of all the singing and the musical numbers, and there is a lot of musical numbers. Basically anyone that likes excitement.

CP: Last question, why do you think people should come watch the musical?

JC: Well, getting really all sentimental here, I feel like people should come watch this musical, I’m going to talk about it from a general standpoint, from like all drama productions, a good amount of the time a lot of the characters that our cast portrays can relate to you. Can maybe relate to a situation you have gone through and you can share in the emotion that these characters and yourself are going through and it often leads to positive endings and conclusions [in the show] and it can help you with your life decisions and help you out, with whatever your going through.


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