Dogs Of The Month: Cloud and Sky

Christina Nguyen, Staff Writer


Hello everyone!! My name is Cloud and this is my sister Sky. We are Siberian huskies and, just like our names, we are super fluffy and feel like clouds. However, we shed so much it looks like it’s snowing wherever we go. Our owner always gets confused between the two of us and, more often than not, I get called Sky. I mean it’s not that hard to figure out, I have a whiter nose than Sky and our blue eyes are opposite from each other. My sister and I have just always been polar opposites. Most of the time I listen but Sky can get quite out of hand when she’s excited.  Both of us love to cuddle and will jump in anyone’s lap when we get the chance. Sky’s always getting in my way when I want to cuddle my human. I love everyone and can’t wait to be petted by everyone. Sky on the other hand is too cool for everyone and likes to brush off affection.







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