The Couch Traveler: Puerto Vallarta

Chelsea Parker, Staff Writer


Welcome to The Couch Traveler, where we explore a different country that you should definitely add to your travelling list every month. This month’s country: Mexico, specifically Puerto Vallarta.

Ah, Mexico. Right now, I think we’re all taking for granted the warm weather that global warming has been providing for us in the usually frigid month of November, but just you wait – when the Arctic weather rains upon us in a few months, you will be wishing for the warm; you will be wishing for a place like Mexico. (I would like to note it started snowing the day after I began this article. Now I’m really wishing for Mexico.)

Want to hear some facts? Sure you do. Both Puerto Vallarta and Seattle were founded in 1851, and it has been named the friendliest country. The iconic church, Our Lady of Guadalupe took 33 years to build. Puerto Vallarta is the most welcoming and gay friendly area in Mexico, and they boast to be the 2nd most visited resort city in the country, with over two million visitors a year.

Puerto Villarta is the last vacation to somewhere tropical I have been, and I went in 2012. Four years it’s been since I visited the lovely Puerto Vallarta, and man do I remember it vividly. I’m not going to bore you with the slow details of where I stayed (beautiful) the food (rather good). Rather, I’m going to cut straight to the chase.

Vallarta Adventures made my small child heart’s dreams come true. I went swimming with sea lions. Sea lions! I went horseback riding through the Sierra Madre Mountains to this little cove with a gorgeous waterfall. You can go off-roading, scuba diving, zip lining—the possibilities are literally endless. When they call it Vallarta Adventures, they are not kidding. It is definitely an adventure, one that will stick with you forever.

One last thing to note about Puerto Vallarta—the ocean won’t be what you expect. Unlike Cancun, where the waves are huge and the sand is white and the water is blue, Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are rockier and the water is harsher. It’s much colder and definitely less aesthetic, but it still is wonderful.

And last but not least, get all-inclusive deals. You don’t have to worry about the cost of all the pina coladas you’re drinking poolside or the nachos and guacamole you keep ordering to your room, because it comes free! Trust me. All-inclusive is the way to go.

So that’s it for November’s addition of The Couch Traveller! Join us next month for another country that you wanderluster’s out there will (hopefully) immensely enjoy.




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