​Kiss Me Kate Interview – Radaypuk S

Cassandra Pryer, Staff Writer

Cassandra Pryer: Hi! Let’s start with- what is your name, grade and role? Could you give a brief description of your role without giving too much away?

Radaypuk S: My name is Radaypuk and I am in grade twelve. A brief description of my role, this is so confusing, basically I am an actor that acts in a play. I play the role of Harry who plays the role of Baptista in the play within the play.

CP: How did you react to getting you role?

RS: I was so happy! This is my time to shine! 

CP: What do you like about your role and what do you hope to bring to it?

RS:  What I like about my role is that I able to be strict because in real life I am very relaxed and composed but in my role, very strict because I am Kate and Bianca’s father, but Harry is also relaxed as well. 
CP: How long have you been doing theatre/drama?
RS: Three years now, I started when I came to Mac. I never used to like theatre because I wasn’t really aware of what it truly was but I love it now! 

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​Kiss Me Kate Interview – Morgan Thomas

Cassandra Pryer, Staff Writer
Cassandra Pryer: Hello! What is your name, grade and role? Could you give a brief description without giving too much away?
Morgan Thomas: My name is Morgan Thomas, I am in grade eleven, and I play one of the gangsters. My character, along with the other gangster, acts as the antagonist in a way. We’re not really evil, but we definitely cause conflict in the beginning more so than in the end. At the end, without spoiling it, we are less of a problem. 
CP: How did you react to getting your role?
MT: Well, I didn’t expect at all that I was going to get the Gangster. It wasn’t even a role that I considered but when I got it I was extremely honoured and gracious to have a part. Especially a part that so many people wanted, so I was very honoured that Mrs. Williams even considered me for the part. 
CP: What do you like about your role and what do you hope to bring to it?
MT: It is a very comedic role, so it is very fun and it is easy to play with as you can interpret the character and what they say in different ways. You can take a more offensive approach or a more innocent approach with the gangsters. So I actually kind of have a balance between the two of them, not making it too inappropriate. That will make more sense when you see it.

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​KMK Interview- Emmanuel Sackeyfio

Megan Macasaet, Staff Writer
Megan Macasaet: What is your name, grade, and role? Could you give a brief description of the role without giving too much away?

Emmanuel Sackeyfio: Hello, my name is Emmanuel Sackeyfio, and I’m in grade ten. I play Gremio…who is known as Gremio on and off the stage. 

MM: Ha! There really is no mention of the character’s real name off the stage! How did you react to getting your role?

ES: I originally auditioned for Bill, the lead male role, but I ended up getting Gremio instead. At first, I was a bit upset. In the end it didn’t matter ibecause it’s an honour just to be casted into this show. Besides, there’s always next year for me. 

MM: What do you like about your role and what do you hope to bring to the stage?

ES: On stage, I just hope I don’t mess up. As for the role, it’s very different from the characters I have played previously. So it’s like a new adventure and challenge for me. 

MM: So you have theater experience? How long have you been doing drama? 

ES: I’ve been in a variety of productions, from church plays to school plays. I started when I was seven… so I have been doing theater for quite a while.

MM: Why did you want to join this year’s musical?

ES: Since I’ve been acting for a while, it has become a big part of my life. So I thought to myself: Why stop now?

MM: I agree! What do you enjoy about theater?

ES: It’s fun! There is nothing I would rather do than theater. Here, you can make friends easily, as it’s just a welcoming environment. 

MM: What are some of the challenges/scary moments you’ve faced so far in this show?

ES: Learning the dance number “Too Darn Hot“ was extremely difficult. There`s just so much going on and some of the choreography is challenging. 

MM: Can you describe the show in five words or less?

ES: An interesting experience for all. 

MM: What’s your favourite line of the production?

ES: Fred (Navneet’s) line: “I’m a realistic actor!”, is such a powerful line in the musical in my opinion. 

MM: What is your favourite scene/number to rehearse or watch?

ES: To rehearse: “Another Op’nin’, Another Show”. To watch: “Too Darn Hot.”

MM: What is the one thing you want everyone outside the cast to know about our cast/ production in general?

ES: We’re very strange and rambunctious. But we’re not the extreme, stereotypical “Theater Kids”. We just kind of share the same interests, so we can relate to one another that way. 

MM: What kind of audience would enjoy this show?

ES: All audiences! Young adults. Small children. Those people who hate birds. People who dislike anything Shakespearian. Actors. Non-actors.  

MM: Yes! Last question: Why do you think people should come watch the musical?

ES: We’ve put a lot of work into the entire production. Hours and hours of work. The least you could do is come and see it! It’ll be a fun time for all!

KMK Interview Questions- Eunice Gatama

Megan Macasaet, Staff Writer


Megan Macasaet: Hello Eunice, thanks for taking the time to do this! Let’s start with…what is your name, grade, and role? Could you also give a brief description your role without giving too much away?

Eunice Gatama: Hi my name is Eunice Gatama. I am in grade 12 and I play the role of Lois Lane/Bianca in the musical Kiss Me Kate. Okay, so Lois Lane in my opinion is an opportunist- she knows that to make it in a “Man’s World” is through their pockets, if you know what I mean. Yeah, she is a bit brazen. However I like her spunk and hunger to be something more.

MM: Ha! Lois has quite the personality, that’s for sure. So how did you react to getting your role?

EG: It’s a funny and short story. I was on the train on the way to church and I was jamming to some gospel music while refreshing the Google classroom page. Literally my fingers would tap refresh, refresh and at the millionth time of doing so, the cast list was up! I was ecstatic to find out I got the role, still am.

MM: What do like about you role and what do you hope to bring to it?

EG: I hope to be authentic and comfortable on stage. To me, I don’t just want to play the role, but actually be her. The stage is her world, so I want to make it as real as possible. I know I can!

MM: This is your second time being in MAC’s year play, but I hear that you’ve been doing theatre much longer than that.

EG: Yes, I have been involved in theatre since age twelve. Though it feels like most of my life.

MM: What do you enjoy about theatre?

EG: Everything! Let me explain, everyone has that one thing they’re great at; it’s something that fills you with bright confidence. I gained that through being part of the theatre program. My will to reach for greatest, to some extent, is credited to being in theatre. People find me naturally confident and extroverted, when in fact, I consider myself very shy when it comes to performing in front of a crowd. Drama made me believe I could do it.

MM: That’s all very touching. I’m sure many of us in this year’s production can relate. Speaking of the show… Describe the musical in five words or less.

EG: Comical, Jazzy, modern, brazen, unforgettable!

MM: Good ones! What kind of audience would enjoy this show?

EG: The type of people who will crack up at the jokes and want to have a wonderful time. Duh!

MM: Lastly, why do you think people should come watch the musical?

EG: It’s one night, one ticket, for an amazing performance done by more than one individual. So come support us!

MM: I couldn’t agree more!


Best Apps for Studying

Chelsea Parker, Staff Writer

Studying. Doesn’t the sound of it make you want to scroll away from this article and further procrastinate the homework you were assigned? Well guess what? Procrastinate no longer, because here I present to you the five best apps to use for studying, because we all know we’re pretty glued to our phones.

  1. Quizlet

I’m sure you’ve heard of this one, but Quizlet is perhaps one of the best apps I have ever encountered. I am a personally a read-write learner, meaning flash cards help me retain information to a superior degree. With Quizlet you have the option of making your own study sets, and you can add pictures, change the language, ect., or, you can search up whatever topic you are needing to study and you better believe someone out there has already made a study set for it. I just see it as a win-win situation. You can study anywhere: in line for coffee, during the previews of a movie, at that party your parents forced you to attend. Anywhere.

  1. Duolingo

Now I’m almost one hundred percent sure you’ve heard of this one. The completely money free and advertisement free language learning app that has taken the world by storm. I honestly don’t see why someone wouldn’t take advantage of the opportunity that is Duolingo and learn a new language. It is ridiculously easy; you choose the languages you want to learn, set yourself a daily goal, let’s say something like study for ten minutes, and then you learn. It comes with cute graphics and points you can redeem in a little store. The languages you can learn are: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Esperanto, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Welsh, Hebrew, Vietnamese, and Hungarian, and that’s just on the app! Online you can also take Greek and Romanian. Swahili, Czech, Hindi, Korean, Indonesian and Klingon are all coming soon.

  1. Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s.[1] The technique typically uses a timer to break down work periods in 25 minute intervals, separated by short breaks. The app I use, Focus Keeper, you get three 5 minutes breaks and then one 25 minutes break, and the cycle repeats 4 times. I, a slacker who finds sitting at table doing homework for hours boring and mightily unappealing, absolutely love the Pomodoro technique to keep me studying and focusing.

  1. OneNote & OneDrive

All right, now, for someone like myself who does all their work on multiple devices—in my case I alternate between my laptop, my iPad and my cellphone—apps that automatically transfer all of your information between your devices are an absolute lifesaver. I love OneNote because you can give each school subject its own binder, and inside the binder folders for individual topics. Each one of my binders has a calendar for each month I am taking the class, a syllabus, and a evaluation tracker, along with whatever folders I need for notes. It’s such a good way to keep organized during school.

  1. Forest

This app is absolutely adorable, and it gives me that same feeling you get when you go to the SPCA and know you can’t take any home but you want to so bad. Forest is an app created so that whenever you want to focus on your work, you get to *virtually* plant a tree. Stay focused on your task, and don’t exit the app, and your tree will begin to grow while you work. But… if you leave Forest to check Instagram or Snapchat or anything, your tree dies. You become a tree murderer. The harder you work and the longer you stay on task and off your phone, the larger and lusher your forest becomes. You very quickly develop a “no smartphone” working habit, and you sort of feel bad killing virtual trees.

Anyways, after you’ve downloaded all/some/none of these apps, please go study, You can do it!


The Girl from the Well Review

Jasmine El-issa, Staff Writer


Onryou or Onryo is a name of Japanese origin. It’s given to a vengeful spirit who has been denied peace in the afterlife. In the case of Rin Chupeco’s The Girl From the Well, our Onryou is named Okiku. She’s a spiteful soul with a certain taste of victim: child murderers. Her only purpose is to find underage souls latching onto the backs of their murderers (as they often do when killed unjustly).  To her, killing a child is the worst crime; although you may find her biased… being murdered herself as a child centuries earlier.

Her revenge takes her far from Japan; she travels over oceans and deserts with a trail of bloody bodies left in a trail. When she’s not killing, she counts. Literally, she counts anything and everything her eyes can see. People, windows, buildings, souls, anything. Her place on earth seems pretty straight forward, until she meets Tarkquinn.   Continue reading

Doctor Strange Movie Review

Paola Andrade Sequera, Staff Writer

“There is no such thing as spirit! We are made of matter and nothing more. We’re just another tiny, momentary speck in an indifferent universe.” ~Dr. Stephen Strange.

A mind like Dr. Stephen Strange’s is bound to seek the answers to those questions through logic and science. After all, he is a very rich, arrogant, and well-known neurosurgeon whose job has become his sole purpose of living.

However, when an unexpected turn of events flips his life upside down and keeps him away from pursuing his profession, Dr. Strange —drown in desperation— widens his closed worldview. After seeking a cure for his problems in the depth of Kamar-Taj, near Tibet, he meets face to face with sorcerers, magic, and a new world filled with endless possibilities-a multiverse. This multiverse is something that, initially, Dr. Strange could not truly wrap his most analytical brain around.

Dr. Strange features the brilliance of Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tilda Swinton and Rachel McAdams. It also showcases the brilliant abilities of director, Scott Derrickson, in the 14th thrilling instalment from the Marvel universe. This movie is definitely a promising and awe-striking movie that is well worth the money!

Fun Fact!

Dr. Strange is based on a comic drawn and written by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee, consecutively. The character debuted in 1963 with Strange Tales: which is the reasoning behind the name ‘Strange.’


Expedition 50 Crew on the International Space Station Finally All Together!

Rhianna Tung, Staff Writer

Image result for expedition 50 crew

In recent events, the 50th expedition to the International Space Station has officially started! The first half of the crew joined the Expedition 49 crew on October 21st, while the second half of the crew arrived on November 19th. Currently the only way to get to the ISS is through the 2 day flight of the Soyuz spacecraft, only capable of carrying 3 astronauts at a time. Crewmembers Andrey Borisenko, Sergey Ryzhikov, and Oleg Novitskiy of the Rocosmos, Commander Robert Shane Kimbrough and Peggy Whitson of NASA, and Thomas Pesquet of the ESA will be staying on the ISS for approximately 6 months. During this time, they will be testing the effects of lighting on the health and functionality of the astronauts residing on the ISS, zero gravity on the DNA of space grown plants, and how microgravity may play a role in humans and other vertebrates’ ability to regenerate and repair tissue. They will also continue the Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment III(SAGE), which will lead to better understanding of the Earth’s atmosphere, how it effects all life on Earth, and how to care for it. While the crew will conduct complicated scientific experiments, they will also be able to enjoy their time in space. Don’t fear about the holidays either! They have already celebrated American Thanksgiving on November 24th with a hearty meal of rehydrated turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and vegetables.

To keep up with updates on the Expedition 50 crew and the ISS, follow the International Space Station on Twitter @Space_Station and on Instagram @iss.