​Kiss Me Kate Interview – Morgan Thomas

Cassandra Pryer, Staff Writer
Cassandra Pryer: Hello! What is your name, grade and role? Could you give a brief description without giving too much away?
Morgan Thomas: My name is Morgan Thomas, I am in grade eleven, and I play one of the gangsters. My character, along with the other gangster, acts as the antagonist in a way. We’re not really evil, but we definitely cause conflict in the beginning more so than in the end. At the end, without spoiling it, we are less of a problem. 
CP: How did you react to getting your role?
MT: Well, I didn’t expect at all that I was going to get the Gangster. It wasn’t even a role that I considered but when I got it I was extremely honoured and gracious to have a part. Especially a part that so many people wanted, so I was very honoured that Mrs. Williams even considered me for the part. 
CP: What do you like about your role and what do you hope to bring to it?
MT: It is a very comedic role, so it is very fun and it is easy to play with as you can interpret the character and what they say in different ways. You can take a more offensive approach or a more innocent approach with the gangsters. So I actually kind of have a balance between the two of them, not making it too inappropriate. That will make more sense when you see it.

CP: How long have you been doing theatre/drama?
MT: I started last year in grade ten and I had always sort of done stuff outside of school. Like I would always do the plays in elementary and then in junior high there wasn’t really many opportunities for me to do drama. In between elementary and high school I kind of lost a bit of drama but I am slowly getting it back. 
CP: Why did you want to join the musical?
MT: Because it is so much fun! I did it last year and it was just such a loving and supportive environment and it was so nice. I want to be apart of that until I am done high school because you meet a lot of really good friends and it is just so much fun. 
CP: What do you enjoy about theatre?
MT: Everybody there is so loving and occasionally there is a couple of bad moments but you will always just have these cool people that you can fall back on because they are going through the same stuff. Whether it is like I have rehearsal but I also homework, your friends can help you out. I think it is also such an awesome way to express your interests. I love singing and dancing and I don’t really get a lot of opportunities to do the two of them together and I love acting too so it is just the perfect combo. 
CP: What are some challenges/scary moments you have faced so far in this show?
MT: Definitely some challenges is getting all of the choreography done and the moment when I say- okay I am not going to help you guys with choreography- and let them do it by themselves. The first time like seeing it, that’s scary. And some challenges as well is the accent for my character. It’s hard to find while remembering my lines at the same time. I have a lot more lines than I did last year, I went from having one line to having multiple lines. 
CP: Could you describe the show in five words or less?
MT: Oh that’s a hard one. Funny, Romantic, Enjoyable, Entertaining, Vivacious and calculated to please the discriminating theatregoer. You can quote me! I guess that was more than five, but oh well. 
CP: What is your favourite line in the production?
MT: Okay! I have a couple but “Your dating Adolf Hitler? A match made is heaven!”. I really like that one! That one is really funny, but I also really like a lot of Fred’s lines. When he is backstage, more so than when he is in Taming of the Shrew because he is a bit of a jerk, to put it simply, but when he is offstage he is a lot more funny. There is one line that General Howell says and it is “Fancy foreign headwear? That’s not what America wants to see on the future first lady!” That one is also good too. 
CP: What is your favourite scene to rehearse and your favourite to watch?
MT: I love doing Too Darn Hot, that one is so much fun. Like out of all of them, the one that I am always super duper excited to do is Too Darn Hot. I also like doing Brush Up Your Shakespeare, that one is a lot of fun. I like watching the scene when Kate is throwing pots.
CP: Who in the cast is most like their character? Who is the least?
MT: Okay, I would definitely say that Eunice is a lot like Lois because she is very strong, she sort of knows what she wants and she is very charismatic. Same thing, Marrah is very much like Lois as well. There are two different sides to Lois and Eunice is much more like the headstrong side of Lois, the side that is very cheeky kind of in a sense. And then Marrah is like the sweeter, softer side that some interpretations show. So it is really interesting because you have the two sides of it. Now the least like their character, I would probably have to say myself because I’m not like my character but I would also have to say Navneet is not really like Fred. There are moments when Fred is a little misogynistic and Navneet is not like that at all. 
CP: What is one thing you want everyone outside the cast to know about the cast and production?
MT: It is different from Thoroughly Modern Millie (last years production) and it is much more of a comedy. It is really funny and lots of fun to do. Everyone has put a lot of effort into it and just the singing is fantastic and there are so many talented people in the cast! Come and see amazing people putting on an amazing production, it will be great!
CP: What kind of audience would enjoy this show?
MT: Okay, definitely its different from Millie in the sense that there are much more mature jokes but that being said I don’t think a lot of people will understand the jokes. So it is definitely targeted towards an older audience. I know a couple of people that were like, oh yeah my parents saw this and they loved it! So there are definitely some jokes that will go over some kids heads but that is not necessarily a bad thing. 
CP: Why do you think people should come watch the musical?
MT: Because! Come support art and drama because it is such an important thing to support. It will be a fun time and just going to see production is an awesome experience. It really does get you invested and it helps you support the arts community. We work so hard and want to show it to everybody. I mean what else are you going to do? Honestly, its a great way to spend a Friday night, Saturday night, Wednesday, Thursday Night, any of those nights!
CP: Thank you so much!
MT: Thank you!


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