​Kiss Me Kate Interview – Radaypuk S

Cassandra Pryer, Staff Writer

Cassandra Pryer: Hi! Let’s start with- what is your name, grade and role? Could you give a brief description of your role without giving too much away?

Radaypuk S: My name is Radaypuk and I am in grade twelve. A brief description of my role, this is so confusing, basically I am an actor that acts in a play. I play the role of Harry who plays the role of Baptista in the play within the play.

CP: How did you react to getting you role?

RS: I was so happy! This is my time to shine! 

CP: What do you like about your role and what do you hope to bring to it?

RS:  What I like about my role is that I able to be strict because in real life I am very relaxed and composed but in my role, very strict because I am Kate and Bianca’s father, but Harry is also relaxed as well. 
CP: How long have you been doing theatre/drama?
RS: Three years now, I started when I came to Mac. I never used to like theatre because I wasn’t really aware of what it truly was but I love it now! 

CP: What do you enjoy about theatre?
RS: Well I enjoy acting, singing and dancing. So basically, I enjoy everything about the theater. You get to be somebody else and are put into a different world. I love being able to experience the life of my characters. 
CP: What are some challenges/scary moments you have faced so far in this show?
RS: I haven’t faced any scary moments but I have definitely faced many challenging moments! I think the most challenging and frustrating thing is that when your rehearsing forget your lines. It’s like- I practiced that line so many times and I just 

CP: Could you describe the show in five words or less?
RS: Show in show. Showception! Bam!
CP: What is your favourite scene to rehearse and your favourite to watch?
RS: My favourite scene is Too Darn Hot because it really challenges me. The dance is crazy! I don’t always get to watch Another Openin’ Another Show, but when I do its like everybody is all over the place and it is crazy. It’s nice because it truly seems to portray how it is for actors backstage. 
CP: Who in the cast is most like their character? Who is the least?
RS: That is hard. I’d say John is similar to his character other than the fact that his character is reckless. John plans things out and knows what he’s doing (Most of the time!) And then I believe that I am the least like my character but that’s okay because I love the challenge. 
CP: What is one thing you want everyone outside the cast to know about the cast and production?
RS: Well, I think the show is two hours and thirty minutes. However, there is a lot of work and countless hours that we put into the show for only two hours and thirty minutes. What I would want to say to everybody is come see the show because there was so much work and effort put into it and it would show their support to their school community! 
CP: What kind of audience would enjoy this show?
RS: Everyone! It’s not your typical musical and there’s something for everyone.  
CP: Why do you think people should come watch the musical?
RS: Why not? That’s the real question. There are show dates for everyone so on a lazy Tuesday afternoon come see it! It will not be a waste of your time!
CP: Thank you so much!
RS: Thank you!


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