About the Staff

Here at Macsource we have people who write the things that magically appear on the site. This page tells you a little bit about each of them.

Without further ado, meet the third-generation Macsource staff below! ☻

HALEY DANG is a twelth-grade student and Macsource’s current managing co-editor/PR fairy. She is secretly a grandmother stuck in a teenager’s body and relishes in knitting, sewing, and baking to-die-for cookies that your own grandmother would be jealous of. In her spare time, she makes short films and shouts randomly generated exclamations into the abyss.

KASEY ENOKSON s a twelfth-grade student and Macsource’s current co-editor. She is probably stressed and most likely has a test/essay tomorrow but you can always see her smiling and laughing in the halls. Kasey is a City of Edmonton Youth Councillor, a member of grad council and loves her job at LUSH.  In her (limited) free time, Kasey is not only a hockey enthusiast but also arguably the most extreme Chicago Blackhawks fan.

CHELSEA PARKER is a tenth grade student who has absolutely no time for anything she does, and yet she does it all with a smile and a pep in her step. In her free time she reads a lot, writes a lot, and frantically cooks eggs to release frustration. She also has a very big recommended reading list, and she would love to share it with you.

AMANDA BROOKS is a twelth-grade staff writer here at Macsource. She’s a dog enthusiast whose love for canines is almost as large as her heart. Besides writing for Macsource, she spends large amounts of her free time watching anime. Not only is she an anime connoisseur, she’s also a hard-core gamer with top scores in Neopets and Club Penguin.

RHIANNA TUNG is a very short twelfth-grade airhead who’s just trying to do her best. She specializes in getting too emotionally invested in her favourite shows, making extremely lame jokes and puns (Sometimes they’re not even good. At all.), and constantly being pleased by the little things in life. She is a big Lord of the Rings fan and enjoys cleaning and pretending that she’s cool.

CAITLEEN GOC is a eleventh-grade staff writer who has just joined Macsource this year. She would like to start off by making a very important PSA stressing that her name is pronounced as Caitlyn. Her talents other than writing include talking everyone’s ear off when presented with the opportunity, making facial expressions worthy enough to be memes on the internet, making some mean omelettes, dancing and drawing… sometimes.

AMANDA DEBOER is a tenth-grade writer her eat Macsource! She is often confused and can almost always be heard saying “wait what?” Currently she is trying to not fail out of her classes. It’s is unknown how well she is accomplishing that goal. But here at Macsource we believe she will will persevere..

EMILY REDMOND is currently a tenth grade student and a staff writer for Macsource. She enjoys reading, writing, the theatre (both watching and taking part in it), alpine skiing, rowing, and coding in her spare time, which she does not have much of. She also has an outstanding ‘to-read’, ‘to-watch’, and ‘to-do’ list at all times, which continuously seem to grow. You may have seen her on Mac News where she also enjoys keeping all of you aware of events in our school. Additionally, she loves writing for Macsource to keep her fellow students informed on interesting topics in and out of Mac. Also, if you ever have a chance to taste her famous cinnamon squares you definitely will not be sorry.

JASMINE EL-ISSA is a grade ten student who spends most her time kick boxing, baking and remembering bands who’ve been long broken up. Between being apart of six different clubs, two extra curricular activities and her constant need to create she still manages to always know the score of last nights hockey game.

BRYAN FINDLAY  is a twelfth-grade poet who enjoys numbers, letters, and putting them together sometimes. He is in the French Immersion program and has immersed himself into his “career path” outside of school and also does martial arts, but still finds joy in reading and writing at his leisure.


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    Michael pls name mai fish thx.

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