About the Staff

Here at Macsource we have people who write the things that magically appear on the site. This page tells you a little bit about each of them.

Without further ado, meet the fourth-generation Macsource staff below! ☻

Jasmine El-issa (Manager) is a grade eleven student who spends most her time kick boxing, baking and remembering bands who’ve been long broken up. Between being apart of six different clubs, two extra curricular activities and her constant need to create she still manages to always know the score of last nights hockey game.

Ariana Valacco (writer)  is a grade eleven student who can be usually seen reading a heavy book by the SRC. In her spare time, she listens to way too much music from Kate Bush to Tara.Her favourite TV shows are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, and Life on Mars. If she had the ability to time-travel she would choose to live in the 80s. She has a shy and timid exterior but when she find a subject she enjoys she will converse about it in detail despite whether anyone is currently listening or not.

Paola Andrade Sequera (writer)  is a gr. 12 student also known as Valentina: the cheery, sarcastic -and sometimes annoying- midget. Her natural habit is the library corner and can be found there at almost any time. Don’t be bothered if Paola is too quiet… that just means she is secretly plotting your demise… *nervous laugh*

Sofia Atienza (writer) is a grade eleven student who spends most of her time saying “F^%& IT” to things that she either does not want to do or scared to do.  She likes to have fun(too much fun sometimes)  and enjoys baking banana bread. She Is very outgoing and fun to talk to so If you ever need to laugh and have a good time just hit her up. She joined Mac Source because she wants to try out new things such as writing and she also wants to be involved more in school clubs.

Casey Diep (writer)  is an eleventh-grade student who spends most of her time procrastinating, at work or at gymnastics practice. While constantly being busy, in her free time she enjoys volunteering in her community, going on hikes and attempting to bake even though she has no idea how to use the oven.

Elizabeth Ossowska (writer) thinks she’s in the eleventh grade, but really she may not even exist at all. Maybe nothing does and we’re all just living in a virtual reality plugged into us by bald, three-eyed aliens from Kepler-186f. Nonetheless, if she truly is real she enjoys reading heaps of books on basically any subject, getting into heated political debates with strangers on the bus, and other nerdy things such as researching planets like Kepler-186f.

Angie Bustos (writer) is a tenth-grade student at MAC (no duh), who spends too much of her time reading, watching Netflix, fangirling and cuddling with her cat. But that’s why she’s here! To break out of the metaphorical introvert shell and get out in the big bad world by joining too many clubs to handle, volunteering and actually making friends. Which she hasn’t done for a decade, thanks to attending the same school since kindergarten. She likes to think she has skill in baking and/or cooking, debate, writing and studying. Regardless, she’ll try her hardest at everything and help anyone she can along the way (her one true love will always be her cat Mickey though).

Emily Redmond (writer) is currently an eleventh grade student and a staff writer for Macsource. She enjoys reading, writing, the theatre (both watching and taking part in it), alpine skiing, rowing, and coding in her spare time, which she does not have much of. She also has an outstanding ‘to-read’, ‘to-watch’, and ‘to-do’ list at all times, which continuously seem to grow. You may have seen her on Mac News where she also enjoys keeping all of you aware of events in our school. Additionally, she loves writing for Macsource to keep her fellow students informed on interesting topics in and out of Mac. Also, if you ever have a chance to taste her famous cinnamon squares you definitely will not be sorry.

Grace Pyne (writer) is a grade 10 student and loves to read. She’s a bit of a nerd, and if you ask her about books be prepared to listen to her ramble on for eternity. In her spare time she does gymnastics and draws humans that people often mistake for potatoes.

Jodie Man (writer) is a grade twelve student who is just trying to get by in all her classes! Between juggling school, work and volunteering, Jodie can be found napping or thinking about her next nap. She often mispronounces many words and gets a good laugh out of it with her friends. She also has a thing for classical novels and spends a great deal of time at Chapters.

Mariana Gutierrez-Serna (writer) is in her last year of high school. She believes life is a continuous cycle of patterns that repeat themselves or find a way to recreate. Comprehending those patterns is what makes life as complex as it is. As much as she would like to understand the world, remaining in her own mind is what keeps her sane. Many would describe her as an amusing, uncontrollable and uninhibited individual. She just hopes this will be the year she gets her life together.



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